A DIY Fall Vignette

Today’s early morning project: I went shopping in my basement, then started creating.

You won’t believe it but this sweet little ceramic vase with the silicone base started out in life as some kind of egg cooker. (I still have the lid to save for another project sometime.) 😳 You never know what you will find thrifting. 😁 I filled it with some fall flowers and a fall pick. So pretty now.

Then I found a little riser I had made but hadn’t used yet. I stained it and I couldn’t believe how perfectly the vase fit the top of the riser.

I also searched the stash of vintage blocks I had and glued these together for a fall decor.

And the final project I actually did last night. This was a little Dollar Tree ceramic blank place card stand. I added these sweet little Dollar Tree woodland transfers. The colors and the woodland animals work well for fall.

Update: A couple more projects I finished today.

All will be in our outside booth tomorrow at the 3rd Saturday Downtown Flea Market somewhere in the area around The Gray Wall. Be sure to stop by!

Drop Cloth Cover for Flower Pots

I used a left over piece of Redesign with Prima transfer this morning on a little “bag” vase I made with painters drop cloth. (6” w x 8” h with the faux lambs ear plant added)

I hot glued the sides and bottom of the drop cloth to make the bag and turned it inside out. I took out strings along the top for the fringe. And stuffed any extra fabric inside the jar. I added a jam jar I had and a sprig of lamb’s ear from Walmart.

I then added a bit of stuffing along the sides and back (a trick I learned from a video) to make it look more like a slouchy bag. I didn’t add any under the transfer side as I wanted the transfer to stand out.

I decided not to seal the transfer as I burnished it into the cloth really well and it won’t be handled much.

The possibilities for these bags are endless!