My Heirloom Lilac Bush

I can’t help myself … posting my lilacs blooming here in Missouri before it is too late.

I was so afraid my lilac blooms weren’t going to make it this year, but here they are with more blooming than I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t believe how big my bush has gotten. I could sit here outside smelling them all day long.

This is an heirloom lilac bush. It is actually two starts I planted together at least 30 years ago. One was from my mom’s yard, which originally came from her mom and dad’s yard. The other came from my sister-in-laws house she lived in at the time that I’m pretty sure had been there for 30 years or more before that. They both had these same color of bloom.

I also read my Surprise lilies need to be thinned, but not until after they surprise me and die back. 🙂

And my leaves are going to be gone Saturday. Yay!!! They had to cancel last Saturday due to the extremely windy weather we were having.

By the way, that is a Redesign by Prima transfer on the white pitcher. The blooms look so pretty in it!

What did you say?

It’s a thrill a minute in a house with retired people. Take this morning, for example.

After reading this PSA, stay tuned. The YouTube tutorial I was watching before being interrupted was very interesting and I am going to try it.

So, sit back and prepare to be entertained.

We interrupt our regular every day routine for this PSA.

Danny… the tv is blaring and I am concentrating on listening to a you tube tutorial on my phone…..

Danny: Dhofar fffgg gi~<> bvb fgg gggf gggh?

Me: Huh?

Danny: Do you know what will date you? (Meaning that I’m old, not that a serial killer or something would be thinking of dating me.)

Me: No.

Danny: Dhofar fffgg gi~<> is 100 years old today.

Me: Who? I leaned in to pay more attention to him.

Danny: Winnie the Pooh is 100 years old today.

Me: Oh. I thought you said Juanita Pool.

Danny: Who’s Juanita Pool?

Me: 🤦🏼‍♀️ I went back to my YouTube tutorial. But, Happy Birthday, Winnie the Poo!