January Make & Take It Class

Another successful Make and Take It Class was hosted by Mickie Watkins.  Mickie has the perfect place for these classes.  It is always so much fun to check out what others are painting and seeing the variety of colors on the projects.  I thought I was getting pics of everything, but missed a few.  Hopefully, everyone sends us pics of their finished projects and we will post them on the site.

Each participant gets a starter kit with a sample of paint of their choice, brush, sponge, and rags.  The host will be provided with a starter kit and is not charged for the class.  The host provides some appetizers (because painting makes a person hungry).  Participants bring their beverage of choice and it is best to wear old clothes.

These classes are so much fun!  If you are interested in hosting a Make & Take It class, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Give a Nightstand a New Life

I decided my nightstand(s) I bought at a resale store were in good enough shape I really didn’t need to repaint the whole thing, so I decided to just add a little bit of color to them. No sanding or priming needed. I just painted right over the finish. Two coats covered just fine. I used Missouri Limestone Paint’s “Something Blue” and then tried out American Paint Company Clear Vintage Refinishing Wax. I love how they turned out! This wax is awesome. I’m working on getting it available for those wanting a no-odor, completely natural wax. This wax did not lift paint at all. I was able to wax a couple of hours after painting and then buff it out after about an hour. It takes hardly any buffing at all to give it that luster I love. Since I was waxing in my dining room last night, the no-odor thing was really nice. I just wanted to try the American Paint Company brand on a piece of furniture. I still like the Briwax toulene free wax, too. It is a little less expensive, but has an odor much like shoe polish, and you do need to wait a little longer for the paint to cure well, and sometimes I’m impatient. : ) They both go on smooth and buff out easily.

Things We’ve Learned about Chalk-based Painting, Waxing, and Sealing

We put together this list of tips and tricks on things we’ve learned when painting, waxing and sealing.  These are our opinions and what has worked and not worked for us.  Others may have had different experiences.

Click here to view.

SharSum Paint’s Guest Program at Sullivan’s January Rotary Meeting

Karen Largent invited SharSum Paint to present at today’s January Rotary meeting to introduce our new company and the paint we are selling, explain chalk-based paint and share ideas for painting with it.  We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope everyone left with a little more knowledge of chalk-based paint and maybe left thinking of projects they could paint.  You can view our Google presentation here.


metalflowerpotWe explained how you could paint and distress a metal flower pot and pointed out the right half of the pot is waxed and has a slight sheen to it.  The other half shows the chalk-like matte finish without wax. Passing this piece around the group gave them a hands-on look at the finish once waxed and they could see how the wax deepens the color and enhances texture.


We also discussed repurposing thrift store finds.  We created a hanging photo holder (Capture Memories in Time) and brought this piece to show.