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  3. HI Sharon, I bought some of your paint last week to paint my front door. It is not wood. I am thinking it is metal. What do I need to put over the paint to seal it? I have noticed that when I bump it the paint flakes off.


    • Hi Lindi, I’m sorry that is happening. It does need some time to cure so you do need to be careful for at least 3 days after painting. It usually takes 30 days for a full cure. My door is metal and I haven’t had that problem. I do plan on sealing mine with poly. I just haven’t done it yet. I think it will be easier to clean and the poly will make it more durable. The poly I like and sell is Varathane Water-based polyurethane. I hope that helps. I’d do a touch up, let it dry, then go ahead and put a water-based polyurethane on it.


      • Thank you for the info Sharon. I will put the polyurethane on it. I LOVE the paint! Lindi

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  4. Thanks. We love the paint, too. : ) Lindi, if you are planning on doing more than your door, we do have the Varathane poly at Gift Emporium in the quart size. Some tips on applying poly. Make sure you use thin coats. Do not overwork it as it fast drying and will gunk up so do small sections at a time, feathering it out. It looks milky but dries clear, just don’t let it drip or pool. I brush it on back and forth and then once it is on, I only go in one direction with a light touch. We recommend poly for high use things, like doors, dining room tables, vanities in bathrooms, etc. Wax is beautiful on items that don’t need as much protection.


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  21. Hi, I’ve ordered your paint before and was wondering about having some shipped to me. I’m needing Grey Goose and would probably need about 4-5 quarts to paint kitchen cabinets. I could even pick up if there was a location close to me. I live in Thayer, Mo.


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