Welcome to SharSum Paint, a division of SharSumTEK, LLC.  My name is Sharon Sumner.  My husband, Danny, and I are the owners of SharSumTEK, LLC.  “SharSum” is a word I coined when creating a company after retiring from public school education: SharSum Technology-Education-Knowledge.  I am still doing that today. I’m just adding knowledge of chalk-based paint to our company.  “SharSum” is a play on words using my name and stands for what I have always believed in as a teacher.  I think it is important to  “Share Some” knowledge, whether it is through technology, education, or what I have learned through researching, creating, and painting with chalk-based paints. We now own and locally produce Missouri Limestone Paint Company Chalk-s paint. We have sold and painted this brand since 2015.

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Our informational brochure explains more about our company and product.  We also conduct classes.  Please see our class page for more information.

My husband, Danny and I are basically retired, although I still am involved in the educational field part-time.  I teach online educational technology graduate courses for Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis, Missouri.

This provides us with plenty of time to enjoy our grandchildren, travel, and paint!  I love painting with chalk-style paint and have finished a number of pieces.  I hope to share my love for this type of painting and our product, Missouri Limestone Paint Company Chalk-s paint.

I will be sharing some of my knowledge of chalk-based paints throughout this site and offering local classes so others who are starting to venture into this type of painting or are wanting to get started can learn from my experiences.  As they say, “Once a teacher, always a teacher.”  As a grandparent to four beautiful grandchildren, my favorite quote right now is:  “Never underestimate the power of a grandmother with a teaching degree.”  That pretty much sums up the About Me page of this site.

I have created a variety of projects using this type of paint, mostly (in the past) with the Annie Sloan brand of chalk paint. Many times a Silhouette machine provided the stencils used in the projects.  An archive of these projects can be found under the Painting Projects link on the menu. As much as I like Annie Sloan, though, it is not available locally.

Then I discovered Missouri Limestone Paint Company, another company producing chalk-style paints and in a variety of colors.  We now carry 45 colors as of this writing.  I first purchased some of this paint, finishing a mirror and bathroom vanity with it.  I fell in love with it!  It goes on smoothly and dries quickly.  I love the abundance of beautiful colors and the price!  You will see some of my finished projects using this paint under the Painting Projects link on the menu. Information on classes I will be giving, tips and tricks I’ve learned, and other activities using this product will be found on this website also.

The Search bar at the top of this page should be helpful in finding information on this site.

In my desire to “SharSum” Missouri Limestone Paint with my community and the surrounding communities, we have placed our paint in counties including and surrounding Crawford and Franklin Counties in Missouri.  Click on the link in the menu to see where you can now purchase these paints in Sullivan, Missouri and all the surrounding counties.

We are also pleased to announce you can now purchase our paint online.

I also look forward to you “Sharing Some” of your projects with me. Missouri businesses in these areas wishing to purchase our paint wholesale, just contact us for a price quote.

I urge you to follow this site blog so you can be notified of updates as they occur.

Please visit often.

4 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • Hi Lisa. I have a link here for you to view that might be helpful when it comes to finishes in general. There is a difference between polyurethenes and then there are poly acrylics. I recommend only using water based polys with chalk paint and then when choosing one, I would choose a poly acrylic water based product. Now, for your question. How long to wait? In the real world, it would probably be best to wait at least 24 hours, but in my world (because I am impatient and want to see my final product) I usually wait about 1-2 hours anymore. Test a small area and see how it works if you want to try it sooner. Another thing you can do to speed up the curing time is….once your paint is dry to the touch, use a hair dryer on it. : ) Good luck and have fun!



    • Terri, we also sell wax and sealer, although they are not products of Missouri Limestone Paint. We have had excellent results with BriWax Toulene-free wax and so sell that along with our paint. We also have had excellent results with Varathane Satin Finish Crystal Clear Water-based Polyurethane and sell that also.


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