Missouri Limestone Paint Company Color Chart

SharSum Paint had been a franchise holder of Missouri Limestone Paint Company chalk-style paint since 2015 and has recently (March 2019) purchased the company!!! We now produce the same colors and quality as the original.  We also have several new colors and can also produce custom colors.  Custom colors will be slightly more in price.  Keep in mind paint color on the Internet may not look the same on all devices. 

Our paint can be found in several Missouri Locations (click on the link to see locations….And …… WE SHIP!  Shipping fees will vary.  If you have questions about colors or would like to purchase our paint online or for more information, please be sure to contact us

Our current prices for 0 VOC paint:

  1. 2 ounce sample jar:  $3.99
  2. 8 ounce jar:  $13.99
  3. 16 ounce jar (pint):  $19.99
  4. 32 ounce jar (quart):  $33.99 – special order (not in stock in our locations)

Our wide variety of colors are shown below:

Our newest color… MO Peacock!


mo duck egg and mo denim     momachinered








Our Grays and Black


Our Shades of Pink and Red



Shades of Blue


Our Shades of Turquoise and Teal


Our Shades of Green


Our Shades of Yellow


Our Shades of Brown