About Us

We, Danny and Sharon Sumner, hold the franchise for Missouri Limestone Paint, a chalk-based paint, produced in Ozark, Missouri.  Right now, we have this paint for purchase in four locations:  Gift Emporium & Cafe’, 228 South Hwy 185, in Sullivan, Missouri, Half-Crocked Antique Mall in Bourbon, Missouri, Spirals Art Gallery & Studio in Cuba, Missouri, and Mary Ann’s Resale and Consignments in Rolla, Missouri.  We hope to soon expand into other towns in our franchise area which is Crawford County, Franklin County, and all the surrounding counties.

Our informational brochure explains more about our company and product.  We also conduct classes at Gift Emporium & Cafe’, Spirals Art Gallery & Studio,  or in the convenience of your own home.  Please see our class page for more information.

My husband, Danny and I are basically retired, although I still am involved in the educational field part-time.  I teach online educational technology graduate courses and am the Director of the Online Master of Educational Technology Degree for Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis, Missouri.

This provides us with plenty of time to enjoy our grandchildren, travel, and paint!  I love painting with chalk-based paint and have finished a number of pieces.  I hope to share my love for this type of painting and the product manufactured by Missouri Limestone Paint Company.

I will be sharing some of my knowledge of chalk-based paints throughout this site and offering local classes so others who are starting to venture into this type of painting or are wanting to get started can learn from my experiences.  As they say, “Once a teacher, always a teacher.”  As a grandparent to four beautiful grandchildren, my favorite quote right now is:  “Never underestimate the power of a grandmother with a teaching degree.”  That pretty much sums up About Me page of this site.


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