Kerr Canning Jar Vase

givethanks_fallOne more project tonight.  I was on a roll today finding projects to paint and re-purposing things from around my house. This one only cost me $.99 and that was for the fall font.

Silhouette fall font – purchased from Silhouette store for $.99.  Re-designed the letters on my Silhouette Portrait machine and printed on brown contact paper.  Yes.  I have one of those, too.  I make a lot of projects with my Silhouette machine.  I love that thing!

Ribbon – from a stash I kept when making bows for my grand daughter, which she basically never wore.  She hasn’t ever liked bows.  But I saved the left overs.  Remember, I’m a teacher.  We don’t discard.

Chalkboard – you will recognize it from the project I made earlier today.  Just erased one message and added a new one.

Pumpkin with air plant – bought that from a Vintage Market earlier this month.  The other side is a jack-o-lantern!

Flowers – Stole those out of an ancient arrangement I had.  I may need to re-arrange that one a little to disguise the holes I left.

Kerr Canning Jar – bought for Young Living Sugar Scrub.  Yes, I like  essential oils, too! I gave this jar two coats of off white chalk-based paint I had left over from other projects.  It was a little thick, so just added a bit of water and it was fine.  Then I sanded the jar a bit with 220 sandpaper and added the fall letters. I tied a ribbon around it, stuck in the flowers, made a vignette with my chalkboard, pumpkin and jar— and there you have it!  A beautiful fall arrangement. Don’t you agree?

Ben’s Baseball Dresser – Another Chalk Paint Project

I created this project September 2014

Pinterest inspiration, an old chest (I estimate $25 as I purchased a dresser and night stand at the same time – all for $75), Annie Sloan Old White paint, sharpies, clear wax, and one afternoon turned an old dresser into a new one for Ben’s room.  At first I tried red paint for the stitching….whoa!  That didn’t work.  So more Annie Sloan Old White over the red paint (good thing I hadn’t done too much).   Continue reading

Wedding Invite on Canvas – Using a Silhouette Machine and Annie Sloan Paint

I created this project in July 2014.


Wedding Invite on Canvas W/SilhouetteI love my Silhouette Portrait machine and all it can do. I scanned Katie and Richard’s wedding invitation and saved it as a jpg. Then I put the image into my Silhouette software and traced it. I copied and pasted each section into a new design, making sure I welded the lettering. I then turned each section sideways and enlarged them to fit on a large stretched canvas. I cut each section using contact paper.

Next I painted the canvas with Old White Annie Sloan chalk paint. I applied the contact paper lettering and painted over everything in Old white again. This is to make sure there is no bleed through with the final color.

Once dry, I used Annie Sloan Graphite and when that dried, I peeled off the contact paper lettering. As a final step I will add a coat of Annie Sloan clear wax and now Katie and Richard will have a large vintage look wall hanging with the exact fonts from their wedding invitation.

I’m still amazed that you can trace and cut lettering from an image with the Silhouette. 20140706-125426-46466661.jpg

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Family Rules with a Silhouette Machine and Annie Sloan Paint

I created this project June of 2014.

My daughter-in-law, Daphney, wanted one of those Family Rules signs on a board.  I’d been on the lookout for some old barn wood but wasn’t having any luck.  Then my neighbor mentioned a board he had that might work.  It was actually more like a box with a frame around two boards stapled together, so I removed the frame (OK-Danny removed the frame added more staples to the boards) and now I had the old board thing I was looking for.   Continue reading

Annie Sloan and Me

This was my first experiences with chalk-type paints back in January 2014.

My best friend, Cindy, introduced me to Annie Sloan chalk paint.  She gave me a partial can of Paris Grey.  It took me awhile to find something to paint with it.  I had never heard of chalk paint before, but Cindy had been using it for awhile and loved it!  When I finally tried it out…!  I was hooked.  Cindy couldn’t believe it took me so long.  I can’t either!   I have since created several projects.  The latest…… painting an old leather glider and ottoman I have had for years.  I was getting ready to throw it out, but my husband, who has seen the success we’ve had with Annie Sloan said I should try painting it.  I had read that you could paint fabric, even leather with Annie Sloan so I thought I’d give it a try.   Continue reading

How to Paint a Bamboo Rug with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint


I wanted an area rug for my living room, but rugs act like a magnet for my cat’s shedding fur.  I have a bare laminate floor that just needed something, though.  My friend, Cindy, has used painted canvas floor cloths and I’ve always liked them, so I started searching for ways to make them, but found it too messy and time consuming to make my own and already bound and primed ones were way too expensive.  Then I started thinking, maybe I could paint a bamboo slat rug with Annie Sloan…..yep!  I could. Continue reading