Shabby Chic Desk/Hutch Set

My Shabby Chic Desk/Hutch has been one of my favorite projects so far using our Missouri Limestone Company’s Chalk-based paint.  I personally paint furniture to sell with this paint we distribute through our SharSum Paint company and really fall in love with some of the things I paint.

You can read through the transformation below, or if you are in a hurry and want to come back to this wonderful piece of writing later, just scroll to the bottom to see this Shabby Chic Desk/Hutch Set in all its glory!

I really, really would love to keep this one but just don’t have the room in my house.  As of now, it is for sale.  Like it?  Pay my too low asking price of $215 and the shipping charges (which would probably be astronomical) and it’s yours!  : )  I’ve often wondered how individuals on sites like ebay and etsy ship huge pieces of furniture.  I can just see me wrapping this up in brown paper and taking it to our local hardware store for UPS pickup.

Seriously, I do have it for sale on Facebook’s Marketplace.  If you are looking for projects to paint or have something to sell, this is a great place to do it.  Marketplace somehow finds all the swap sites on Facebook (according to your desired location setting) and puts them in one place .  You don’t even have to a member of those sites.  I have bought and sold several things through Marketplace.  I love this service!  P.S.  I just noticed this set has been viewed by 509 people in the last two days.  Wow!

But first, the history of the desk/hutch.  I found this set on one of the swap sites.  It sat smack dab in my living room for months!  As you can see a floor lamp is on the desk at this point.  I would look at that huge hutch and think, “How am I ever going to paint those little letter cubby areas” and then get overwhelmed with how huge a project like this would be.

I couldn’t think what I wanted to do with it, so I finally sold it to my friend, Michelle, who carries our paint in her store and paints projects right along with me.  We call ourselves Lucy and Ethel.  Funny thing, that’s not the first time a friend and I have had those nicknames and I always seem to be Lucy.  Hmmmm.

But then…..a previous customer who had bought a desk from me earlier for one of her daughters contacted me and wanted me to find and paint another for another daughter.  Sure!  No problem.  I knew just the desk. It even looked somewhat like the one she bought earlier. She probably wouldn’t want the hutch, but I sent a quick text to Michelle to see if she still had it in her stash and back it came. Only catch was, I had to take the hutch back, too!  I sometimes feel we spend more time shuffling furniture around than actually painting.  🙂  So then it was back in the living room again.

Now, to find inspiration for the desk.  I started searching and came upon this awesome blog.  Would you believe this lady had the same exact desk I had?  Not only was it painted with an absolutely beautiful shabby chic look, she even had a tutorial on how she did it!! Her blog is called “How to Nest for Less” and her desk tutorial can be found here.  Thank you, thank you, Erin!

Erin’s painting idea was genius!  Dry brush distress right over the desk as it is.  I painted the desk first and realized that it just had to have the hutch.  However, both pieces would be way too big for this little girl’s room.  I happened to have just finished another smaller desk/hutch in a blush pink and suggested this one instead to the customer.  She loved it for her daughter!  SOLD!  I’m going to paint a chair to match and….she is also buying a dresser to match the desk set she bought earlier.  It was a good week for furniture selling.

Back to the Shabby/Chic desk set.  I now had the desk completed, with new knobs (actually clear resin knobs I found at a yard sale and painted “Vintage Coral” and pulls spray painted silver with the wood part painted “Vintage Coral”.


I was ready to tackle the hutch. As I was painting it, I decided to take the cork board off and paint it.  I had researched and found it was best to shellac it before painting, so Danny (my husband and partner in all of this) used our handy dandy Zinsser Bulls-Eye Shellac on it. That worked like a charm and the paint just glided on.  Then I figured it would be easier to paint the back if it was off.  When it came off, we discovered the shelves and letter cubby things all slid out and I was able to paint each piece separately!!!  Yahoo!  And I’d been so stuck on what trouble that was going to be.


Corkboard – shellac first


hutch without back


letter cubbies came apart

I finished up the hutch and if the desk looked pretty before, once we put the hutch on top the transformation was amazing.  This set is officially GORGEOUS! I added a shabby/chic chair to match and it was ready to sell!  Oh and did I mention, the hutch has a light?  Right now, there are two people interested in it, so it is going to sell quickly, I think.  But maybe not too quickly.  I like looking at it as it sits in my crowded dining room and going over every once in awhile and sitting at it and running my hand across the top.

I do believe I’m a little obsessed over this project.

Are you ready for the reveal?






July 9, 2016 Make & Take It Class

Our heartfelt thanks goes to the Sullivan Arts Council for sponsoring our July Make & Take It Class.  Everyone is so busy in the summer, it is hard for people to fit one more thing in, but the Arts Council really spread the word through advertising and we had a great class.  We like to keep the number of participant around 5 – 8 at Gift Emporium and we had 5 people eager to learn more about chalk-based paint and even more eager to paint their projects.  A variety of items were brought in and they all turned out gorgeous!  Thanks so much to the ladies for their attendance.  I warned them they would be looking around for more things to paint and one told me later she already had!  LOL

I didn’t get before pics but the after pics really show off how well these projects turned out.  What a fun day!

For more information on upcoming classes or how to host your own, please visit our Painting Class page.


Teri brought in a white angel she bought at Cracker Barrel and 2 other items she wanted to paint to match.


Missouri Limestone’s “January” was the perfect color. She found the basket and bowl very easy to paint.


She added an air plant to the wooden bowl when she got home, took a photo of this gorgeous arrangement and sent it to me. II love it!


I don’t know what it is about this color “Old Tin Barn” but we all couldn’t keep our eyes off this cabinet Karen painted. I saw a before pic and saw the finished project in her home. It is amazing what a difference it made and the color was perfect for the room. I can’t wait for her to send before/after pics of this project.


Merry’s little half table was a beautiful combination of “Clothesline” on the bottom and “French Roast” on the top. I love when “French Roast” is used on the top of tables. It is such a rich color and when wax or poly is used, the color really stands out. The lighting here makes the legs look white, but they are really a beautiful green as you can see in other photos.. And yes a hair dryer really helps you watch the paint dry : )


Merry had this brilliant idea when buffing. She wrapped a buffing rag around the sponge from her kit. It worked perfectly. Just look at the luster on the edge of this table top. Great idea, Merry! That’s a tip I will be using and sharing!


I admit I was a little worried when Lee brought in an extra kitchen cabinet door to practice on before deciding to paint her cabinets. The finish was one I’d never seen. It was a very slick finish. Lee said it was a plasticized foil wrap of some kind. I just was afraid it would be too slick to hold the paint. Danny did scuff it up a little with a fine sandpaper.


We couldn’t believe how well it took paint on the first coat. This is the 2nd coat. She gave it one more coat, watering the paint down just a bit as it didn’t need much. It turned out great! I think Lee just may be painting her cabinets in the near future.


Karen brought in an antique washboard. It really soaked up the paint but by the 3rd coat it had evened out. She’ll be painting the metal black when she gets home, using a very small brush and a steady hand. She was thinking about doing some “crackling” on the top part. Give me a call, Karen, and we will go over the crackling technique again. That would look great!

It is amazing how fast the time flies when you are painting.  One of the great benefits of the classes is getting to see what the others bring in to paint and how all the items are so transformed in such a short time.  As a teacher, I am always thrilled to learn from students, and the t-shirt over the sponge to use for buffing was pure genius.  : )  I can’t wait until the next class.

June 20, 2016 Make & Take It Class

Today’s class was small but mighty! The “Dark Roast” table (using only one coat) and wet distressed turned out great!  This table was an original built by Angela’s husband.  The small red table was painted with one coat of “Radio Flyer” and washed with “French Roast”.  It is beautiful, with some of the wood grain peeking through! This class was held at Gift Emporium and Cafe‘ in Sullivan.


Interested in learning more about chalk-based paint and tips on applying it and the best way to seal it?  These people and others who have taken the class will tell you it really isn’t hard to do and the transformation is amazing!  To learn more about our classes, which are usually kept to 6-8 participants, visit SharSum Paint’s Painting Class page.