Birch Tree Risers and Logs

We’ve been making birch tree risers. Leonard Butts, Robin Holmes Butts, and Kathy Strothcamp thanks for the contribution from your fallen trees and limbs. Leonard, your big branch we saved from your tree became the risers, and Kathy, your branches and Leonard and Robin’s smaller branches became the birch log bundle.

Danny cut them into the sizes I wanted and made me hold the saw down while he got the right measurements. Personally, I think he could have done that himself, but the couple that works together, stays together, right? 😂 Plus, I could make sure he was doing it correctly if I helped. 🤪

The resulting projects are all natural and beautiful just as they are. Some have peeling bark, some have bark that peeled off. Some bark may still peel, but that’s what birch trees do.

We made several sets of (1/2”, 1” and 1 1/2”) risers and several sets of (1”, 1/2”, and 2”) risers.

We also made a bundle of 10 birch logs. They fit perfectly on the MCM magazine rack we turned into a log holder.

I researched how bundles of logs are tied for carrying so gave Danny that task after I told him how they did it.

The look on Danny’s face in the first pic says, “Hurry up and take the picture, Pierre. These are freaking heavy.” 😂😂 The second one was a little better after I let him rest his arm. 🤪

The name Pierre is brought up every time there is a photo being taken around here. Ed Pierre was our local photographer for many, many years. He was meticulous with his photography and posing positions and it took forever it seemed until he was satisfied it was the perfect shot. And they always were.

A Decoupaged Wood Slice Tucked into a Fall Arrangement

I was making a couple of coasters with some left over tissue from another project, so I decided to make this to tuck into a fall arrangement I put together. The colors are so rich and vibrant on this tissue paper and I love how it looks in the arrangement!

This is how I did it:

1. I gathered my supplies – off white chalk-style paint, decoupage medium from Dollar Tree, left over tissue paper I made on my ink jet printer, Saran Wrap, a wood slice from Amazon, fine sandpaper, and a hair dryer. Sorry, I forgot to take pics of drying it, just don’t get the hair dryer too close, and I will dry on hot for a bit, then switch to cool a couple of times until dry.

2. I painted the wood slice with one coat of our Missouri Limestone Paint Company chalk- style paint in “Grannie’s Lace”. The purpose of this is to have a light background showing g through the tissue paper and will make the detail of the image stand out. I used a hair dryer to help speed the drying process.

3. I then gave the wood slice a nice even coat of the decoupage medium from Dollar Tree, making sure it was all covered, all the way to the edge.

4. I carefully placed the tissue paper over the wood slice where I wanted it and then pressed it down and smoothed it out all over with a piece of wadded up Saran Wrap. This allows the tissue paper to adhere smoothly with no wrinkles. Again I used a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

5. I used a piece of fine sandpaper and went in a downward motion all around the edge to remove excess paper. This keeps the tissue paper from tearing. Do not go back and forth.

6. I then gave it an even coat of of the decoupage medium and used the hair dryer to help speed the drying process. Once dry, I gave it a 2nd coat.

7. The Dollar Tree decoupage medium is glossy and I wanted to tone down the glossiness a bit so once the 2nd coat was thoroughly dry, I sprayed a coat of satin Mod Podge sealer over it.

Note: As an FYI, I have heard that glossy decoupage is much more water resistant than matte or satin, so often people will use the glossy for the first coat and after will tone it down with Matt or satin as I did here.

I now have a beautiful embellishment to tuck into my Fall display.

Storing Faux Flowers – Problem Solved! A baby gate!

Do you struggle with faux flower storage in your craft area? I do!

I’ve tried several things, but nothing was working well. I’ve searched Hoogke and Pinterest. I’ve watched organizational videos and even tried some of them, but nothing worked for me.

Until today. As we were decluttering the basement we came across several baby gates. Since the grands are no longer babies, Danny wanted to know if I wanted to sell them. I’ve really had the flower problem on my mind and all of a sudden, I saw not a baby gate, but a rack with holes that could hang on a wall or door and I could stuff stems through the holes!

We had an over the door hanging rack. I had to leave then so Danny tried it out and it works perfectly with room to spare for more. I can see at a glance what I have (I may reorganize by color 🤪) and it is space saving, too! I even have room for more on this one, plus I have two more gates if I need more room. 🤪

And it looks pretty, too!

An Ear of Harvest Corn Made With Wooden Beads

Today’s early morning project: I created an “Ear of Harvest Corn with Wooden Beads”

I only had enough beads for one ear. I had wire here, but if I do any more I would get copper jewelry wire. I believe the beads came from Dollar General and the raffia is from the hula skirt from Dollar Tree.

This was a fun and quick project and would look great mixed in with your other fall decor. I love the Fall natural look.

There was no need for me to make a tutorial on this, because the tutorial I used from Hammons Nest was excellent and easy to follow.

If you’d like to try this, here’s the Hammons Nest tutorial:

Creating Wooden Acorns

I did a mini tutorial on this earlier, but since I’m making 36 wooden acorns for my cousin’s Thanksgiving table, I thought I’d take more photos as I worked and explain in more detail.

I first gathered all my supplies. The wooden eggs came from Amazon. My cousin had these sent, but I think they are the same brand as ones I purchased earlier.

I also bought jute from Amazon. I may get another as I’m not sure this will be enough.

The drop cloth I already had and the sticks to make stems came from my yard.

I cut the drop cloth into 36 5” squares. It seems to go faster when you precut the drop cloth.

I had a section of an egg carton I used. I laid the drop cloth piece at an angle and placed the egg in the center. That seemed to work well as I applied glue and pressed and smoothed the cloth on all 4 edges.

I then trimmed away the excess fabric.

Next, I tucked in and glued the sides.

I then trimmed and glued down the drop cloth.

Next, I started gluing and wrapping the jute all around.

When I got to the top, I used the stem I cut with my hand miter cutter. I also purchased it from Amazon. I glued the stem to the top, letting it set up. Then I finished wrapping and gluing until I finished where I started out. I cut the rope and glued it down.

My acorn was complete.

I now have 12/36 acorns completed.

A friend, when I posted these, said she loved the natural canvas acorns but was surprised I hadn’t painted them with our paint. Well, since I was working on acorns anyway, here is one of the natural wood eggs I have paint stained with our Missouri Limestone Paint Company “Sour Green Apples” and sealed with spray lacquer. Very cute. So ok…..I will be making some more of these in other Fall colors. Thanks for the suggestion, Debbie Carter!

My cousin loved the painted ones, too, so I made 18 drop cloth and 18 painted ones. 🙂

A Print from a Shower Curtain Becomes a Christmas Decoration

Today’s project: I just had to do this. I found this awesome Christmas shower curtain at my sister-in-law’s yard sale yesterday.

I knew I wanted to use the images for decoupage. It is 100% polyester, so I wasn’t sure what would be the best way to do it. I posed the question to a decoupage fb group I belong to. A couple people suggested making printed copies of the images! Brilliant! I hadn’t even thought about doing that… and now I can use the shower curtain, too! Just look at all the different images on it!

I copied the image I wanted on my ink jet printer by laying the shower curtain on the tray in the area that showed that image. Then, the question of how to cut it out.

That brought to mind an old German cutting technique called Scherenschnitte, which means “scissor cuts” in German, and is the art of paper cutting design. I had done some of this many years ago. At one time I even had special scissors. I do have a pair of very sharp, small pointed scissors, so I cut around the edges my design with a kind of modified Scherenscnitte technique. It worked fine. These are the scissors I used.

I remembered to spray both sides of my printed image with Mod Podge spray to keep it from bleeding. When it was dry, I used Elmer’s Bonding spray on the back and bonded it to a piece of painters drop cloth the size of the back of the 8×10 frame I found in my stash to use. I made sure I pressed down carefully on all the cut edges to make sure they bonded well.

I then used a spray adhesive called Pixie spray on the back of the drop cloth and pressed it to the backing of the frame so it would lay flat.

I opted not to use the glass as I really wanted the texture of the drop cloth to show….and the texture of the paper. You really can’t even tell the image is a piece of printer paper.

I tried to take a couple of pics to show the texture. I am thrilled with how this project turned out and it took less than two hours to complete.

The frame is just perfect for this vintage looking image, don’t you think? It looks like it has been around hundreds of years.

Then a friend challenged me to make something from one of the trucks. So, I used this one and added a couple more embellishments.

Here are a few more ways I’ve used the printouts:

Skeleton Trio – See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil

These little guys were so much fun to make!

Pinterest inspired. They used bigger skeletons, but I had a package of these little 6” ones and a wooden block for a bench …. so ……

I just needed scissors, a block of wood for them to sit on and a lot of hot glue. I dry brushed and wiped off a bit of black paint on them afterwards to make them look even dirtier and to disguise any hot glue that showed.

I am making the claim that no skeletons were harmed in the creation of this project because well, you know why… but seeing as skeleton bones are rather brittle lol, I did have to remove their upper arms and not use them and cut off their legs and reset them so I could get them into position. 😂😂

The other items on the tray and the tray I had already made.

I had one more little skeleton left. I think I figured out how to turn him into “The Thinker”.

Decluttering and Reorganizing my Craft Area!

What a fine mess I’ve gotten myself into…. but today we started tackling this huge job. At one point, I had this area nice and neat. However, I’ve learned some things that worked and some that didn’t. Check back often as I will be updating this post as we work through this project.

There will be after pics but no before ones. 🤪 We are purging and reorganizing and redoing so we have quite a mess going on.

Take this old Kuerig coffee pod drawer my sister gave me. It was sitting on a shelf because I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Today, I knew! Danny retrofitted it to hold my paint brushes so they wouldn’t fall out the sides. I added flat dominos from Dollar Tree as dividers. I will keep this on my work space and paint pens, scissors, etc. on top in a revolving caddy. Upcycling at its finest!!!

We purged a bunch of toys my grands have outgrown and made more room for my crafting, but still have a few things left over.

Several years ago I created a Facebook Neighborhood Watch Group and it has been great at getting to know neighbors and letting each other know is what is going on in the neighborhood. And….for letting them know when Ai put things out in the curb for free. 😁 So today I let my neighbors know that this child’s table and two chairs were there and gave them a heads up and first chance to come and get it before I let my other FB friend know it was there.

We have now started the major overhaul.

We have worked 7 hours pretty much no stop today. I’ve done as much as I’m going to do in my craft area for today. We moved all the storage shelves, bookcases into the position we wanted.

The blank space above the shorter bookcases will have a organization shelving system to hold small jars of paint. The bookshelves under it will have other painting supplies.

I will be reorganizing the cool pegboard area Danny designed awhile ago. It’s worked well, but I need to organize it better. I love the little dresser we moved there. It will hold my Silhouette machine and laminator or maybe a printer since I don’t use a laminator as much as I do a printer.

The little roll around chair for my table is too short so Danny is going to raise it regular chair height, but not today.

We are meeting to pick grandkids Ben and Byron up later today as they are off school tomorrow and Friday. I still have an art table and chair and now drawers for Byron’s art. We moved Ben’s trains up in the bunk room. He has found a renewed interest in them. We eventually will be changing out the princess bed up there for the trundle bed that goes with our daybed in the basement.

Hoping the boys will help with the organization once they get tired of trains, art, and technology. 🙂 Next we will move on to the family room part so everyone can start enjoying the tv area again.

My favorite part of the reorganization is that my work table is now in the center. It is a gate leg table we saved. I love how my storage drawers all fit around the table and I can raise or lower the one side as needed. There is room for the trash can right under where I work. Byron is going to love his art center once again.

Now it is a matter of taking everything on the shelves and organizing them. I will be so happy to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

There is a lot of stuff on all those shelves and sitting around waiting to get organized. But now, it is doable. I will be so happy to start crafting there again.

Keep checking back for more! Be sure to click on each image to see the whole pic. The gallery is looking strange on my phone. 🤷🏼‍♀️

10/2/21 – I’m adding dates as I think this is going to be a looong process.

Organizing bookcases: The one on the right is filled with wood supplies, buttons, and beads. I still need to label a couple of boxes there. I am thinking about what will be going on the other bookcase. By the way, that long photo frame hold pics of some of our past vacations. It also serves as a cover to hide our water line coming in from the outside. 🙂

Meanwhile, my assistant Byron is checking to make sure markers are still good by doing a bit of color by number at the art table. Nice that he can read color names now. 🙂

10/3/21 – some pics of something we did yesterday.

We had already mounted this cool shelf on the wall in the craft area. I haven’t even filled it up yet, but plan to, mostly with sample bottles of our Missouri Limestone Paint Company chalk-style paint. These will be so handy! I can see at a glance what color I want to use. But I also have some bottles of acrylic given to me and want a place to store as much paint as possible.

I had purchased this spice rack set on Amazon (SimpleHouseware 20 Spice Gripper Clips Strips Spice Accessories Spice Organizer- 4 Strips, Holds 20 Jars, Black awhile ago, thinking I could use them to store paint.

Yesterday, we merged the two. These plastic spice racks have an adhesive strip on the back, but also come with screws. So we used both and screwed them in a strip along the board edge. It works perfectly to hold my paint samples or the small bottles of acrylic.

This pack of 4 strips holds 20 jars and was only $8. I think they would be great to mount inside the pantry door or cabinet doors in the kitchen. I might just get more for my spices and reclaim the drawers where I am currently storing them.

10/4/21 – Danny turned my $2 yard sale bookcase find into a roll around card yesterday. This morning I turned it into my glue gun station. Now, when I’m finished gluing projects, I just roll it back into its out of the way space. His next project is turning one of my overhead cam lights (I have one I can easily sacrifice) into a drop down electric cord over my craft table area. Yay!

But the best part of this is unearthing my electric candle warmer I have had forever and plugged it in. Now, when I forget to drink my cup of coffee, it will stay hot!

My craft table with glue gun station is ready for crafting. I also bought a new battery for my Ryobi cordless glue gun and it is working perfectly. I have now completed my first project: 1/36 acorns for my cousin’s Thanksgiving table. 🤪

10/11/21 –

We didn’t get too far in the basement decluttering part when Danny came upon the driftwood found on our beach vacation at Port St. Joe, Florida.

So this piece of nature’s artwork, beautiful in its simplicity, has been named “The Tree of Port St. Joe”. It is available.

We went for a walk on the beach in search of driftwood for crafting. My grandson, Ben, will say he found this piece for me…. but Vivian will say he put it down because he didn’t want to carry it back to the house. Vivian knew I would like it, so she picked it back up and brought it to me. ☺️ Vivian and I thought it looked like a tree.

So, we stopped decluttering for a bit. 🙄I just happened to know exactly where a wooden board with a frame was, so I paint stained the frame, gave the driftwood and the board a good drink of Wise Owl Furniture Salve, turned it over to Danny and he mounted the driftwood onto the board with screws and drilled holes in the frame for a hanger. I used jute for the hanger and it was finished.

I’ve been trying to find way to store faux flowers used in my crafts. I’ve tried several things, but nothing was working well.

Until today. As we were decluttering the basement we came across several baby gates. Since the grands are no longer babies, Danny wanted to know if I wanted to sell them. I’ve really had the flower problem on my mind and all of a sudden, I saw not a baby gate, but a rack with holes that could hang on a wall or door and I could stuff stems through the holes!

We had an over the door hanging rack. I had to leave then so Danny tried it out and it works perfectly with room to spare for more. I can see at a glance what I have (I may reorganize by color 🤪) and it is space saving, too! I even have room for more on this one, plus I have two more gates if I need more room. 🤪

A Painted Vintage Frame and Beautiful Christmas Poem

Today’s early morning project: A painted vintage photo frame with verse

A friend found this vintage 8×10” F.T.D. 1972 resin type frame for me. I knew this type of material would paint beautifully as I’ve painted mirrors out of this plastic like material from the 70s.

Many years ago my cousins sent out Christmas cards with this verse on it. It had such an impact on me, I framed mine and to this day, keep it out all year as a reminder.

I did a wax resist technique on the vintage frame. I rubbed candle wax all over, then painted it with just one coat of our Missouri Limestone Paint Company chalk-style in “January”. Then, when dry, I rubbed all over it with a paper towel. Anywhere there was wax, the paint rubbed off with the wax, leaving some of the beautiful antique gold finish exposed.

I did a search for the verse and found it with several different backgrounds. I thought the image I chose would go very well with the painted frame. I liked it so well, I made a smaller 4×6” version and stain painted a little 4×6” frame. I’m now working on designing a muted Christmas colored background to make another one. Finished it. I found an image that would work with most any style and added text to it. Put it in a 6”x6” square frame.

I also tried to find the author, but all I’ve been able to come up with is Anonymous. I’m pretty sure, though, it was on a Hallmark card at some point.

I think this year, more than ever, we all need to take to heart the message in this poem.

Pub Table Created from an Old Beer Keg

Danny made a pub table out of an old beer keg. He’s worked on this project off and on for awhile and today it is complete. The round wood top is new. It has been stained and has 5 coats of sealer on it. The keg, leg base and chairs are used and have character marks to show their age, just like in a real pub. 🙂.

The pub table and 2 chair set is $225.00. Two additional chairs are available for $25 each. Local pickup only.

The table is 35” high and the top is a 24” round. The 4 spokes of the leg base make it 36” round.

The bar chair seats are 24” high.

It’s not every pub table that has a giant shot glass for a centerpiece. This one does. We will include the shot glass centerpiece for free. 🙂 Wine and beer glasses are not included.