Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar with IOD Stamps!

I recently was a winner in an Instagram Contest and won this fabulous prize package from Iron Orchid Designs (IOD).

I couldn’t wait to use something so I started thinking of ideas. I watched some of the videos IOD has on their site and noticed they had stamped some small muslin bags (at least I think it was their video. Who knows for sure. I watch a lot of videos. Lol)

I went to Amazon and ordered these:

Natural Muslin Drawstring Bags 3″ x 4″ | Small Ivory, Light Tan Muslin Bags for Party Favors, Baked Treats & Gifts | Safe, Non-Toxic, 100% Cotton Woven Bags w/ Drawstring Closure (Pack of 100)

I then searched Pinterest on ways I could stamp them.

I saw an idea for using them on an Advent Calendar and stamping them with the numbers 1-25.

Then, I saw an idea for an Advent Calendar that focused on children giving rather than receiving and knew that’s what I wanted to do! In today’s world, we need to stress kindness more than we ever have before!

This site even had a printable for 25 acts of kindness. I printed those and cut them apart so that part was finished in no time! Thanks for sharing this!

Then, I needed a way to display….the calendar type of Advent calendars and signs are seen all over the place. I wanted something different so I went to my jewelry box cache (yes, I hoard jewelry boxes to paint) and found the perfect box. It had a funky lid that just sat on top a box, with glitter and raised lettering featuring a newly engaged couple and knew I would never use that lid so discarded it and now I had a 11″ wide box that would work perfectly. Who knows? I may find a use for that lid someday. Lol I painted the box the trendy “graige” color with different layers of beige and gray and stenciled it. My box was now ready to hold 25 muslin bags with acts of kindness slips along with a little fiberfill to give them some definition.

I then used Missouri Limestone Paint Company chalk-style paint (we sell and paint with it) and stamped 1-24 with it, using the cool brayer that came with my prize to coat the numbers and the color “Cupboard Green”. I stamped 25 with the color “Bordeaux”. These two colors, along with the vintage type numbers of my IOD stamps, gave my bags a nostalgic feel.

I stuffed the bags with a little fiberfill, then added the folded up the slips and my Advent Calendar was complete.

Don’t you think it would look great with the French Country or Farmhouse style? Or with any holiday decoration? And…..what a beautiful way to reinforce how important kindness is to our children.

I Didn’t Know You Could Do That With Laser Water Slide Transfers! 😱

I bought some of this amazing paper on Amazon and have made several projects with it. I truly love this stuff! There may be other brands out there and I know they make an Ink Jet Style, too, but I’m still using the laser printer package I bought do I don’t know about the others.

This is just my experience from using this brand. Also no affiliates here. I get nothing when you click on the link. I am just providing it up front because you know you will ask where I got it. Lol

I want to show you my recent projects (still finishing up one and will update when it is finished) because they are just too cute!

There’s another reason, too. I am here to teach you something I didn’t know until I did an experiment. It worked perfectly! Don’t you love when that happens?

But first….my projects.

Actually, I did two experiments, but aren’t my Mason Jar Fairy Lights just too cute?

I ran out of Mason Jars and still had one transfer I wanted to use, so I raided my jewelry box hoard (yes, I admit it … I hoard jewelry boxes and Ok…. furniture, too). I have to! I sell chalk-style paint so I have to paint all these things …eventually, so in the meantime I hoard. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Told you!

I found the perfect box, but unfortunately it had a screen instead of glass in the door.

So for this experiment, I tried sliding the transfer onto the screen. It actually worked! Once dried, it stayed in place nicely. So I learned you don’t have to have a solid surface for the transfer to adhere.

Now for the whole point of this post.

I mentioned I use laser printer paper. I also only have a black and white printer so when I printed the transfer and slid it onto the first jar, it was very hard to see, both with and without lights. So, I got out my colored Sharpies and colored in the tree. It became very vibrant and now shows up very well.

But I had already put this transfer on the jar. What would happen if I colored it first? I tried that on the other transfer. Since it was a permanent marker, when I put it in water, it did not wash out! Yay, my experiments were a success!

You never know if something will work unless you try. And when it does, it is always good to share your discovery.

I will post my Fairy Lights Box tomorrow when I finish it.