A Bed Spring Test Tube Vase

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A rusty bedspring has been attached to a 4″x4″ square of reclaimed lumber which has been sealed with poly to seal the chippy paint colors. We have also added a test tube. Fill with water and cuttings from your yard for a beautiful decor item in your home. Or give it as a gift to someone that loves the rustic farmhouse look.

This one is filled with Missouri Lilac, Dogwood, and Redbud blooms. So pretty!

Shop Online: Missouri Limestone Paint Company Chalk-Style Paint

We have owned a franchise for this company since 2015, selling locally and painting furniture and home decor. In March 2019 we purchased the company and are producing the same quality product ourselves!

We now have the opportunity to sell our quality paint with 45+ gorgeous colors.

Visit our link at SharSum Paint’s color Chart Page and contact us for shipping info: https://sharsumpaint.com/paint-color-chart/

A DIY Theater Stage for a Toy Room

It seems our 6 year old grandson was tired of getting in trouble when using a little table in the toy room as a makeshift stage so he asked us to make him one for his performances.

He was very specific on what he wanted. He needed a big stage, curtains for the sides and front and the background should be clouds.

We were at his house visiting so we told him we’d see what we could do.

It just so happened the neighbors were throwing out some pallets and an idea was born.

First, the stage. We used two pallets that were about 36 1/2 x43 inches. We added legs from the third pallet to give the stage a little height.

Adding legs

Stain was Varathane Dark Walnut Stain and Poly. It was $15 but we didn’t factor that into the cost as it took very little to paint on 2 coats and we use this all the time in our business anyway.

We bought PVC pipe and connectors to create a frame around the stage, which was now approximately 43″ x 73″. The cost was approximately $40. We wired the frame to the ceiling. The two sheets of 3/4″ chipboard was approximately $10.

Of course, PopPop’s buddy had to help.

Curtain time:

Goodwill: I found a set of curtains for the front and a king size sheet (I cut it in half) for the sides. Ben requested clouds for the background and I actually found a sheet there with clouds. He hugged the sheet when he saw it. I had to cut two sections to make the sky go across the back. I used iron on fusing for the hems and the casing on the background. I also found two kid guitars there. The price for all of that was approximately $19.

Dollar Tree: No stage would be complete without spotlights so bought 4 led battery stick on lights and batteries. $6

The theater ended up being an early birthday present as it cost around $75. But it will be hours of fun for him, his brother, and friends.

We had to go home before he and his brother got to see it but his mom sent videos of them and friends enjoying it. I compiled them into one video. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

A Gossip/Telephone/Device Bench

For Sale: $125

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Meet Ernestine…”one ringy dingy”…. named in honor of the iconic American telephone operator.

A table, a chair, and a new invention called a telephone – it wouldn’t be long before someone came up with the idea to combine all three. This became known as the Gossip (sometimes Telephone) Bench and callers could settle in and talk on the phone for hours.

Today’s bench is much more versatile. This beautiful bench with its gorgeous stained wood top and painted in the French Country/Farmhouse/Cottage style would be perfect in an entry way or as a useful piece of decor in many areas of your home. Click here to see the transformation of this bench.

Who knows? Kids may just turn it into a “Device” Bench.


30 1/2” W

15” D

30” H to highest point of back

17 1/2” to top of seat

27” to top of table.

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*Free delivery in Sullivan, Missouri *Other Delivery options are available within a 200 mile radius for a fee based on location