Paint Color Chart

SharSum Paint has been a franchise holder of Missouri Limestone Paint Company chalk-style paint since 2015 and has recently (March 2019) purchased the company!!! We have over 45 gorgeous colors at this time. Keep in mind paint color on the Internet may not look the same on all devices.  If you have questions about colors or would like to purchase our paint online, please be sure to contact us

Pricing Chart and locations:

SharSum Paint, the owner and producer of Missouri Limestone Paint Company, has paint available in several Missouri locations, and are now offering it for sale online!

Here are our colors!

We have created a several new colors under our ownership.

This coral color was inspired from the bloom of a Hibiscus Bush. So we named it “Hibiscus Coral.”

We have named this new, beautiful color “MO Duck Egg”.

Our latest color is one we call “MO Denim”….. a dark blue that is a bit grayer than our deep navy Indigo Blue. Isn’t gorgeous paired with MO Duck Egg!

Visit our boards on Pinterest for examples of furniture and more painted with some of our gorgeous colors:

Colors Board

Missouri Limestone Paint Company


Click on the following links for shop locations. Our pricing chart can be found here:

Gift Emporium & Cafe -Sullivan

Half-Crocked Antiques – Bourbon

J’s Vinyl and Paint Boutiq St. James

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    • Beverly,

      I am so sorry. I just saw your question. If it’s not too late, we can ship paint to you. We invoice through PayPal. Tax and shipping are in addition to the paint. I would need your email for the invoice and your shipping address to find the shipping charges. I would let you know what the total would be before I sent an invoice.

      I apologize for not replying sooner.


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