Spooky, Gothic Halloween Tray

It’s a little early for Halloween but I’ve been having some fun upcycling stainless steel trays. Here’s a couple I had previously done by gluing legs on them and painting them to look somewhat like pewter.


So then I was on the hunt for another tray. I wanted to make a Gothic looking, spooky tray for Halloween.

This time I wanted to find a big heavy base to glue the tray to. I found exactly what I was looking for! I don’t know what the base was originally, but it was nice and heavy and a kind of man-made pewter material. I glued the tray to the base with E6000, let it dry overnight, then cleaned it well and it was ready for paint.

I spray painted it with Krylon Fusion in the only gray I could find in a satin finish, but it was fine. It dries extremely fast and I love that! Next time, I would scuff it up a little bit after it dried just to make it a really good base for my chalk-style paint, but I didn’t do that on this one.

I then daubed Missouri Limestone Paint Company chalk-style paint using “Coal Shovel” all over like I was stenciling, leaving a bit of the gray to show through in places. I like the rough matte finish so I didn’t seal. I will let it just cure naturally for about 30 days and it should be perfect by Halloween.

I couldn’t resist. I had to drag some Halloween decorations out and stage my new tray.

Can’t you just imagine this spooky, Gothic style tray with some of your decorations?

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