I Can Change the Color of My Transparent Logo?

This is a real game changer! Sorry. Pun intended. ☺️ But if you are like me, I have been searching forever to learn how to do this. I had purchased a transparent logo, and it is fine, but sometimes you just want something different. I wanted a more neutral one, too. Or maybe one with a different brush color.

Well, kids, today is your lucky day! The teacher in me is sharing a quick and easy way to do this with a free photo editor called lunapic. It’s a FREE online tool! You can’t beat that price, can you?

You can play around on this site for many more features like changing more colors than just the one quick basic color change I’m showing you here. But now, you have the ability to color coordinate your logo many different ways.

In addition, but it is a little trickier, you can make a solid color background transparent, too. Just do a search on how to do that in lunapic and you should find a tutorial on that.

But onto today’s tutorial. You will need:

1. A cell phone (I have iPhone but Android would work, too. Any device should work.)

2. Your transparent logo saved to your photo album.

3. The lunapic website: https://www199.lunapic.com/editor/

That’s it!!!

Now, all you have to do is follow along with this video tutorial! Any questions, just ask!

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