Ideas to Share at Jewelry Box University 2019

A Jewelry Box University??? Why not?

I belong to a group of talented artists that paint jewelry boxes. There are many talented people in this group I’ve had the privilege of getting to know online. I now get the chance to meet some of them when another painting friend (I met online) and I travel to North Carolina from Missouri later this month to learn from some of the best! How crazy is that? 🤪

Not so crazy! Painting jewelry boxes is very rewarding and so much fun and so worth the trip! Sometimes painting jewelry boxes can even be more time consuming than painting furniture. The techniques and skills we will learn at Jewelry Box University will easily transfer for use when painting furniture. And when I say we paint jewelry boxes, we don’t just mean the kind that holds jewelry and plays music. We create something new out of any kind of jewelry case or any kind of box.

I will be sharing some of these techniques with my fellow artists, so thought I’d do this post so they would all be in one place:

Change the color(s) of your transparent background (or solid, too) logo!

Video tutorial


Using Varathane Polyurethane



Essential Oils


From another site:

Mirror Reflections:

PicMonkey YouTube tutorial from Brushed by Brandy

Painting Techniques:

Color Wash

Buffalo Plaid

Wax resist

See video:

Chippy and Crackle look


An excellent article by The Copper Elm

The non-toxic cleaner she uses called Whip It


Waterslide Decals

Coloring a waterslide decals with Sharpies


I am no where close to being able to paint boxes like some of my painting friends, but here are a few of my favorites I have done:

When turning this box into a memory box by painting a decoupaging a vintage photo of my mom and her sisters, I learned the Lane Company gave these boxes to graduating seniors across the country as a marketing technique. The earliest I heard from was 1924 and I think it continued into the early 90s.

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