An Outdated Red Brick Fireplace Gets an Amazing Transformation

Our son and daughter-in-law wanted to update their family room and asked us to help paint the walls and wainscoting and use our Missouri Limestone Paint Company Chalk-Style paint to update their outdated red brick fireplace.

The walls were painted with Valspar “Tempered Gray” and the wainscoting and trim with “Snowcap White”.

I mixed Missouri Limestone Paint Company Chalk-Style Paint “Winter Gloves” 50/50 with water. I found using a sponge brush didn’t make much of a mess. Working in sections, I brushed the mix on, then wiped it with a rag. I then lightly brushed it again (without dipping the brush). I used a different brush to smooth it out and blend it. This was a big fireplace so it took awhile, but still less than a day.

We didn’t quite get all the wainscoting finished, but the fireplace is stunning!

At least they won’t have too much more to do to finish up and have a beautiful new room!

Here’s the color scheme for the room:

Walls: Valspar Tempered Gray and Snowcap White

Floor: Vinyl floating floor from Menards

We finished all the walls, but this is as far as we got on the wainscoting, but the room is going to be beautiful. I can’t wait to see it all completed!

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