How to Paint on Glass with Chalk-Style Paint

  • So beautiful, right? Have you been frustrated trying to paint Mason Jars with chalk-style paint only to have it distress all by itself (meaning the paint chipping off at the slightest touch)?
  • I have learned the secret! All it takes is a water-based sealer and an oven. Keep reading!

    First of all, my inspiration for this project. I seldom have a thought of my own so kudos to those who are so creative and talented. Plus, I’m a teacher so it is just a part of me to share what I learn and acknowledge how I learned it.

    Love the greenery used on the Inspiration jars!

    Inspiration: is a site on Facebook. If you aren’t following them you should. Their morning post is usually the first thing I see and there are always great ideas. Here is the post for my inspiration.

    Painting on Glass: I’ve tried several different techniques, but this idea works great.

    Now, onto the supplies I used and the directions on how I created mine.


    The jar: My jar came from Dollar Tree! Price check please…yep $1.00. Who knew they had pint mason jar type jars with no raised lettering or images. I spotted these one day and thought…yes! I didn’t think to see if they had quart size so maybe they do. The lids are even the canning jar type with removable insert. Hello, popular tissue holder idea. See painting on glass link above👆🏻. The lady shows how to make those. 🙂

    The paint: Why the paint brand we own and produce, of course. Missouri Limestone Paint Company chalk-style Paint “January”. But seriously, any brand should work, but I only guarantee mine because I tried it and it does. ☺️

    The greenery: I had the white frosted branches and don’t remember where they came from originally, but I’m sure something like them are available in most craft stores. The red berries are from Michael’s and the cute little pine cone is an ornament from Walmart. It came on a card of four.

    The ribbon and string: String I just had and the ribbon I used came from Dollar General.

    The sealers: Varathane Water-based crystal clear polyurethane Satin Finish as a base for the paint and Rustoleum Spray Lacquer for shine after baking.


    1. I cleaned the jar well. I then wiped it down with alcohol to remove any remaining oils. I then painted the sealer on (one coat) and let it dry. I used my go to: Varathane water-based crystal clear polyurethane, but any water-based sealer will work. Warning: It has to be water-based. You will be putting this in the oven. Water-based is non-flammable. DO NOT use oil-based sealer.

    2. I really love the technique shared in the link above for applying the paint. I used a foam stencil dauber to pounce the paint on. That way you don’t get brush marks and I love the look! I painted two coats and let dry. I did paint the bottom.

    3. Preheat oven to 170 degrees. Place jar in oven and bake for 20 minutes. Then carefully remove. It will be hot! Let cool. Then go ahead. Test it out. I had to. So I tried scratching the paint off with my fingernail on the bottom. Nothing!!! It was as hard as concrete. Yay!!!

    4. I then sprayed it with Rustoleum Spray Lacquer just to give it a bit of shine.

    5. I hot glued just a bit, in places, a length of string to the jar and tied a bow. I also used a bit of hot glue under the knot so it wouldn’t come untied.

    6. I measured and cut enough ribbon to overlap in the back, then spot hot glued it in place. I turned under the cut edge of the overlap and glued it down.

    7. I then artfully 😉 arranged my greenery.

    That’s it! I just knew this project would work with Missouri Limestone Paint Company chalk-style paint. It worked perfectly. Oh, the projects that can be created now, with confidence, are endless!

    If you try this, please share your beautiful creations in the comments. Tell us the brand of sealer and chalk-style paint you used. Remember, all MUST be non-flammable water-based products.

    Happy Creating!

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