The “Scarborough Fair” Hamburger Soup

It’s so hard to find time to cook when you are busy creating. Lol But, since we got an Instant Pot (ours is Faberware, but essentially the same) we have been doing more. And soup weather is here….and cooking is even easier.

I’m sharing this recipe I found on Pinterest because it is so good, and even I could make it. It is not an IP recipe, it is a stovetop one. I just used the IP and made a few fun and good for you modifications.

I call it “The Scarborough Fair” hamburger soup. 😂 You will see why.

This recipe already called for Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme, (Did you just sing that?) so I added a tsp. of Parsley, too. 😂😂 I also added canned corn and green beans. I did drain most of the liquid only because I was running out of room in my Instant Pot. I cooked on the soup setting for 20 min. This is a on the stove recipe, though, so you don’t need an IP. I also used those little yellow potatoes. Didn’t peel. Just cleaned and cut up. Also used already shredded carrots and already cut up onions. Who has time to DIY those boring tasks. Lol

Freeze the leftovers in solo cups covered with Saran Wrap. When ready to eat, cut away the solo cup, dump in a bowl and microwave.

I think the Simon and Garfunkel spices make this soup different with a great flavor. Enjoy and have fun creating!

The site of the original recipe no longer seems to work although I will still show the link at the bottom, but I didn’t want to lose this great recipe that I have modified above so I took screen shots. I do want to give credit to the original. I cannot find them on Pinterest, either.

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