Happy 4th of July – 2022

We are visiting family in Jackson, Missouri for the 4th – One son and his family yesterday and today, the other for dinner on the way home. Thankful and blessed. And, if you get up early here, you get the patriotic donut! 😂

We watched fireworks from various neighborhood displays from the deck last night, but seriously with this view no fireworks were even needed! However, we were treated to about an hour of some beautiful fireworks.

This morning we had the honor of a Cardinal visit, perched at the top of a cedar tree. As my sister mentioned when she saw this video clip, “You never know what you’ll see when sitting in the clouds.” 🥰

A Patriotic Holiday Fruit Bowl

Sometimes just a small change can perk up my kitchen. I thrifted this metal bowl made of stars several years ago with the intention of painting the stars red, white, and blue for patriotic holidays.

I did a few stars then got bored and quit. So this morning I decided to finish just around the top. The metal was already distressed from age so my paint job looks a little distressed, too.

🙂 But hey! It makes a great holder for the extra fruit we always seem to have on hand. And it’s just in time for The 4th of July!

Wall Art for Outdoor Living

I have a huge tub of faux flowers and foliage and a piece of driftwood we found on our Florida vacation last year. I was inspired by an image that came up on Facebook.

So….I made this last night and this morning. I just have it hanging on the back of a bench with the jute rope, but it could be hung many different ways. I think it would look great hung on the wall on a patio or deck.