A Re-purposed Table Decoration

I’ve been on a painting frenzy lately it seems.  Today, when I put a Christmas tablecloth on my dining room table, I decided it needed a Christmas table decoration. I had painted a pint size Kerr jar with “Farmhouse Green” earlier.  As I was rooting around in a box of Christmas decorations, I came across a small glass plate and a small votive candle holder.  I’m pretty sure both of these items came from the dollar store at one point.  What do you know, the votive holder fit right into the top of the Kerr jar.  I tied a burlap ribbon around the neck, and “Voila!”  My re-purposed table decoration was complete. I lit the candle tonight and it looks so pretty!  I LOVE being able to just go to my basement and pick and choose from my stash of paint jars and make new things from old – quick and easy.  Danny thinks I’m my own best customer.  LOL  It is just as much fun as having a stash of yarn.  : )




Christmas Mystery Gifts

Update:  Scroll to the bottom to see a completed Mystery Gift!

We were shopping in Kohl’s last week and Danny spotted an item that we could do!  It was a shutter painted and prettied up and is used for displaying Christmas cards and/or photos.  So, off to the resale/flea markets we went!  We found exactly what we were looking for in the first flea market we visited.  That doesn’t happen often!

We now had what we needed (except for prettied up part, but that will come later) to make some great Christmas gifts for 6 lucky family members and friends.  LOL

We decided to make a contest out of it for our facebook page.  It took less than an hour after posting the contest for someone to guess what Danny was making and to win it!  molimestonepaint_ruralamericaThe winner will receive a 6 oz. jar of “Rural America” the color we used on the shutters.

Here’s Danny working on the mystery Christmas gifts.  You’ll notice that with chalk-based paint you can paint anywhere without worries…..even in a remodeled basement!  We will dry brush distress the shutters with “Sunday Silver” and will post a photo of the finished projects when complete.


Good job, Danny!  Love the one that is now hanging on our wall.  ; )


November Class Projects

The projects below are from November’s Make & Take It class.  They are now in place in the participants’ homes.  Very nice.  I will add more as I get them.  See photos from the class.

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Paint display at Gift Emporium & CAFE’, Sullivan, MO.  A variety of colors are available there for purchase.


SharSum Paint’s First Make & Take It Class was Fun!

SharSum Paint conducted their first class, November 2015, in a friend’s awesome shop area at her home.  Nine “students” were there and had a great time learning more about chalk-based painting and actually painting a project they brought. They had so much fun, they are ready to attend another in January.  In January, we will explore more with waxing and distressing techniques.

We will also be conducting classes at Gift Emporium in Sullivan.   We will plan on starting these classes around noon, so be sure to bring not only a project to paint, but an appetite, too.  Class sizes are limited to no more than 6-8.  Please check the Painting Classes link on our website menu for the next class.

Are you interested in hosting a painting class party in an area of your home with you and your friends?  In winter, do you have a heated garage or a basement just crying out for a paint party?  We can paint just about anywhere so you can be the judge on the best place and the number of friends (no more than 10).  Contact SharSum Paint (sharsumpaint@gmail.com)  for more details.

The biggest lesson to learn when first painting with chalk-based paint is paint in thin coats.  This will help your paint dry quicker and make a nice smooth chalk like finish.  The projects for our first class didn’t have time to dry enough for waxing, but as soon as they have waxed their projects and sent pictures of them, I will post their finished projects here.  For the next class, we will have hair dryers available for speeding up the drying process.  And remember, apply chalk-based paint in thin coats. This process is different than trying to cover an area in one coat.  You may need several coats, but the end result will be beautiful.

In the meantime, enjoy seeing this first group’s re-purposed objects come to life in the beautiful colors offered by Missouri Limestone Paint.