Christmas Mystery Gifts

Update:  Scroll to the bottom to see a completed Mystery Gift!

We were shopping in Kohl’s last week and Danny spotted an item that we could do!  It was a shutter painted and prettied up and is used for displaying Christmas cards and/or photos.  So, off to the resale/flea markets we went!  We found exactly what we were looking for in the first flea market we visited.  That doesn’t happen often!

We now had what we needed (except for prettied up part, but that will come later) to make some great Christmas gifts for 6 lucky family members and friends.  LOL

We decided to make a contest out of it for our facebook page.  It took less than an hour after posting the contest for someone to guess what Danny was making and to win it!  molimestonepaint_ruralamericaThe winner will receive a 6 oz. jar of “Rural America” the color we used on the shutters.

Here’s Danny working on the mystery Christmas gifts.  You’ll notice that with chalk-based paint you can paint anywhere without worries…..even in a remodeled basement!  We will dry brush distress the shutters with “Sunday Silver” and will post a photo of the finished projects when complete.


Good job, Danny!  Love the one that is now hanging on our wall.  ; )


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