Family Rules with a Silhouette Machine and Annie Sloan Paint

I created this project June of 2014.

My daughter-in-law, Daphney, wanted one of those Family Rules signs on a board.  I’d been on the lookout for some old barn wood but wasn’t having any luck.  Then my neighbor mentioned a board he had that might work.  It was actually more like a box with a frame around two boards stapled together, so I removed the frame (OK-Danny removed the frame added more staples to the boards) and now I had the old board thing I was looking for.   It is a pretty big sign, but then families need lots of rules.  🙂

Here are the steps:

1.  Painted the board front and back with Annie Sloan Old White Paint.  I watered it down some and then wiped it off a little so some of the wood would show through. Let dry.

2.  Found fonts and words (used an image from Pinterest with the words and design Daphney liked) and, using  my Silhouette machine, cut stencils out of contact paper.

3.  Put the stencils on the board and painted over them with the off-white paint.  This will help keep the darker top color from bleeding through.

4.  Painted over the top and sides with Annie Sloan Graphite.  I left the back off-white.  Peeled off the stencils once the graphite color dried.  Used a dental pick to start the peeling process.  The contact paper stencils come right off, leaving nice, clean and crisp lines.

5.  Distressed the edges a bit.

6.  Used Annie Sloan clear wax to finish it off.

7.  Get ready to make something for my other daughter-in-law, but not on so much of a large-scale.  She found kitchen and bathroom rule signs that she liked really well.

Here’s the finished sign:


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