Update Your Own Good Quality Furniture

Why buy new at the big box stores and pay high prices for what will be, many times, manufactured wood. Your own older furniture that was good quality when you bought it just needs a fresh look.

That was the case with these tables. They were solidly built wood tables that had some wear and tear and a little water damage on the tops and just needed a new look. We worked with the owner on the finish she wanted and Wow! What a difference. She now has a like new set of tables for a fraction of the price of new ones.

After thorough cleaning before and after, we stripped the tops and used Minwax Pecan stain. The apron and legs got a light scuffing by hand with 220 sandpaper and were painted with Missouri Limestone Paint Company “Grannie’s Lace” and slightly distressed. All received several coats of Varathane Ultimate water based crystal clear Polyurethane, satin finish!

And now…… the after! Sigh! Just beautiful.

These beautiful tables are now back home and their owner couldn’t be any more pleased!

Feel free to contact us for a custom quote on your furniture. We would like to see you pleased with how nice some updating on your own furniture would look!


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