Pumpkins for Today’s Modern Decor

It’s official. I will be selling these pumpkins through custom orders.

They are available for sale in my SharSum Paint Sales Shop on Etsy.

I love the yarn. It is a Jersey t-shirt type material that is a dream to work with. This color is called clay, which has a grayish cast. I also will be making them in cream and a variegated color with these two colors combined with a brown.

The medium ones will be the size shown here and are approximately 3” tall (without the stem) and 5” wide. They will be $14.00 with shipping available based on location. Estimated time for completion 1-3 weeks, based on the amount ordered. The smallest will be about 3″ tall also and about 4 1/2″ wide. These will be $12.00 +shipping. The large are a little larger, about 6 1/2″ wide. They will be $16.00 + shipping. Free delivery or pickup in Sullivan, Missouri.

I love this pattern and the colors. These pumpkins are perfect for today’s modern decor.

PM for more details or to place an order if local.

This arrangement is also for sale – $59.99 plus shipping. These pumpkins are crocheted with chenille yarn.

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