A Vintage Games Table Restored – Could it be Federal?

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We produce and sell our brand of chalk-style paint called Missouri Limestone Paint Company. We paint furniture, among other things, like jewelry boxes and shoes and small decor, but sometimes we don’t paint.

Our latest project we lovingly brought back its original glory. It came to us in very good condition structurally and physically everywhere except on the top and the flip top. Someone, sometime, somewhere spilled something on it and it took off the finish in several areas. There was also a water spot.

We wanted to preserve this piece, so we went to our go to product – Howard Restor-A-Finish. We do not sell this product but love it for restoration projects like this. We do sell their Chalk-tique line of wax for our painted pieces as we love the type of waxes in this product which includes carnuba wax which produces a hard finish, the ease of applying and buffing it. Although packaged as a wax for chalk-style painted furniture, the Chalk-tique dark wax worked as a beautiful finish on this piece.

We have done some research and have found similar pieces online ranging from $300 – $10,000. Wouldn’t the high end be nice? Lol. But seriously, we would love to identify it so we can find a value and offer it to a collector who would appreciate the beauty, quality, age, character, and practical use of this beautiful piece of furniture. We am not sure, but believe the detail is inlaid, not painted. And yes, it has a few flaws, but the character flaws are just a part of its history.

Update: I have narrowed this piece down, due to the fact the screws have been identified as machine made in the 20th century, as a high quality 20th century reproduction, possibly the Federal style, but still a valuable piece.

As pictures say a thousand words, we will let pictures tell this story. View the photos below and then click on the blog link below them to see a blog post by Kevin Lee Jacobs “Antique Game Tables and Why I Love Them!”

Comparing before and after:

Kevin Lee Jacob’s Blog Post “Antique Game Tables and Why I Love Them”

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