Edison Bulb Wire Pendant Light 💡

We are custom making Pendant Lights.

We have 3 copper painted wire baskets. We can make two different styles. One has a 15’5″ cord with a wall plug in. The other style is created with a conversion kit that allows you to screw in your new pendant light into an existing ceiling can that a bulb usually screws into.

This is one we made for our kitchen. We already had this type of pendant light so we used those parts, but it is similar to the kit we would use for the others.

This is the kit we will be using. It comes in black or white and has ample cord that winds or unwinds to fit the length you prefer.

We also can make these with a cord that has a wall plug. It has a very long cord. This would work great hanging in the center of an umbrella or canopy on a deck and then running the cord to an outside outlet.

we can paint these baskets to fit your color scheme and the cords can be black or white.

If you are interested in learning more or wish to purchase, please contact us with the link below. Thanks!


And check this out!!!! Remember how I mentioned the cord with the wall plug would make a great pendant lamp for an umbrella or canopy on a deck? Well, we just had to find something around the house to use to make a shade. We found a beat up metal waste can. Danny put a hole in the bottom just big enough for the socket to go through. Then I used a fleur de lis stencil and put dots around the outside edge in spots around the wastebasket. Danny then drilled holes where all the spots were. No Edison bulb as we didn’t have another one. But, oh so cool! Can’t wait to see it lit up tonight!

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