SharSum Paint’s Guest Program at Sullivan’s January Rotary Meeting

Karen Largent invited SharSum Paint to present at today’s January Rotary meeting to introduce our new company and the paint we are selling, explain chalk-based paint and share ideas for painting with it.  We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope everyone left with a little more knowledge of chalk-based paint and maybe left thinking of projects they could paint.  You can view our Google presentation here.


metalflowerpotWe explained how you could paint and distress a metal flower pot and pointed out the right half of the pot is waxed and has a slight sheen to it.  The other half shows the chalk-like matte finish without wax. Passing this piece around the group gave them a hands-on look at the finish once waxed and they could see how the wax deepens the color and enhances texture.


We also discussed repurposing thrift store finds.  We created a hanging photo holder (Capture Memories in Time) and brought this piece to show.




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