Give a Nightstand a New Life

I decided my nightstand(s) I bought at a resale store were in good enough shape I really didn’t need to repaint the whole thing, so I decided to just add a little bit of color to them. No sanding or priming needed. I just painted right over the finish. Two coats covered just fine. I used Missouri Limestone Paint’s “Something Blue” and then tried out American Paint Company Clear Vintage Refinishing Wax. I love how they turned out! This wax is awesome. I’m working on getting it available for those wanting a no-odor, completely natural wax. This wax did not lift paint at all. I was able to wax a couple of hours after painting and then buff it out after about an hour. It takes hardly any buffing at all to give it that luster I love. Since I was waxing in my dining room last night, the no-odor thing was really nice. I just wanted to try the American Paint Company brand on a piece of furniture. I still like the Briwax toulene free wax, too. It is a little less expensive, but has an odor much like shoe polish, and you do need to wait a little longer for the paint to cure well, and sometimes I’m impatient. : ) They both go on smooth and buff out easily.

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