Vintage Ironing Board Repurposed as a “Home” Sign

This project was so much fun to do. I often write tutorials for my projects, so be sure to follow my blog and you can be notified when I post a new project! Thanks!

One day Danny mentioned we should paint the vintage ironing board we had. I researched some painted boards and was inspired to paint it like a HOME sign. And that was just the beginning.

I had a brainstorm…. and now I’ve been obsessed with it. I decided I would make 7 different “O” wreaths. The buyer of this awesome creation would only have to change out the decoration and wreath I created for them every season or holiday.

  1. Fall/Thanksgiving
  2. Halloween
  3. Christmas/Valentine’s Day
  4. Winter
  5. St. Patrick’s Day
  6. Spring/Easter/Summer
  7. 4th of July/All Flag Holidays

I have gone a bit overboard, I know, especially since I want to sell my creation and will never be able to charge for all the hours I will have into it, but I am enjoying the challenge, so there is that.

After cleaning the board thoroughly, I did a heavy dry brush of our Missouri Limestone Paint Company “January” to give it a nice distressed looking base for the words “HOME”.

I found 8 inch letters (H, M, and E) at Walmart and traced them on the board with a pencil. I left a space for a wreath to represent the “O”.

The beginning of the sign showing the H letter I painted black and my first idea for an “O” wreath using clothespins.

Looking good, but realized right away it would be too time consuming to make 8 of these wreaths.

To get the 8” size I needed, I had to make my own form with wire. With this one I stained the clothespins with a solution of vinegar, used coffee grounds, and steel wool, then glued the clothespins to it with hot glue and E6000. So….scratch that idea.

All is not lost, though. I added a different decoration and sold this one in my booth. But now, I had to think of an easier wreath to make.

My next idea was to use a big mouth canning jar lid. It was the perfect size! So, this time I took the clothespins apart and glued them with hot glue and E6000 as a sample. That made the perfect size. But…..I only had 2 wide mouth lids. Would you believe this whole town must be canning food for the next 10 years? There were no canning jar lids in the 4 different stores I tried.

Turns out, that didn’t matter. The clothespins weren’t adhering well to the canning jar lid anyway. So, scratch that idea.

Building the wreath

And then I remembered the small wood slices I bought on Amazon. They were perfect. The clothespins would adhere well to wood, I thought, and they did! So, I am now immersed in “O” wreath making. I am painting these according to the season/holiday.

All the wreaths have a recessed area drilled into the back. We put a screw in the board, but left a bit out so the wreaths could pop on and off. They are a tight fit and take a little work getting them on and off, but they are secure.

This huge project was completed in time and sold the day of the big sale event at Half-Crocked Antiques in Bourbon, MO on Saturday, September 18, 2020. Our booth #25 is inside and downstairs.

It was a lot of work but a lot of fun coming up with decoration ideas for the wreaths.

As a bonus, I decided on the color of paint I’m going to use on my next project, a custom desk.

So….. are you ready! Drum roll. Introducing the one of a kind Vintage Ironing Board Sign with 11 (yes, eleven) interchangeable decorations on wreaths for various seasons and holidays:

Valentine’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day
Memorial Day
4th of July/Flag Days
Here it is in its new home!

I’ve Been a Crafting and Painting Fanatic Lately

I’m not sure why but I suspect that besides finding all kinds of cute ideas I have to try, and the fact I recently ordered 24 pumpkin wreath forms from Dollar Tree and have been searching for ideas on how to use them and get side tracked with more cute ideas to try, I find it takes my mind off the news for awhile.

So today, I’m just going to share pics of some of the things I’ve been crafting and painting lately, since July. Trust me, almost everything I have done here is not original. I saw it somewhere and thought, “I (meaning me and sometimes Danny, my other half) can do that!”

There are over 50 here and I probably even missed a few, so I made them into a gallery. But I am sure I have them on my Instagram page and my Facebook page, so if you are curious to see a larger version, and sometimes how I created projects , you can go to:

So now, sit back and get inspired.

A Faux Succulent on a Can of Vegetables Decoupaged With a Napkin

How pretty, right? You would never know that’s a can of garbanzo beans under there. 😁

I woke up this morning thinking I wanted to napkin decoupage a tin can and add a succulent to it. I had all the supplies except for the tin can. I did have a can of garbanzo beans, though. I didn’t want to waste food, so I decided to just decoupage the full can. I could always just open up the can later. I did realize, too late, that I shouldn’t paint the lid in case I do want to eat the beans. So I would not paint the lid the next time.

I gathered my supplies and got started.

I didn’t use the refried beans. That is there just to show you what a can of vegetables looks like with its clothes on compared to when it is naked. ☺️

Step 1:

I then painted the can, but next time I won’t, just in case I want to open the can later. I used two light coats of “Grannie’s Lace” from our brand of chalk-style paint Missouri Limestone Paint Company. It really doesn’t matter what paint you use. The can also doesn’t need full coverage. The napkin details will show better just by it being white.

Step 2:

The expiration date was already on the bottom of this can. I just added the name in case I forgot what was in there.

Step 3:

I trimmed the napkin to fit the can, leaving a little overlap on the top and sides. Also with napkins you need to pull apart and remove extra layers as you can see in the above photo.

Step 4:

I was now ready to decoupage. I spread a thick layer of Mod Podge onto the can. I cut down a small baggie and tape it small enough to slip my fingers into it like a mitten. I use the plastic to press the napkin into the Mod Podge. This keeps the napkin from tearing as it will stick to your fingers otherwise. Any little bit of plastic will work. You still must press carefully.

Step 5:

After decoupage dried, I sanded the rim of the top. The part sticking up will sand right off, leaving a clean edge. I then added another coat of Mod Podge all over to seal it.

Step 6: Final Step. I just added a little Spanish Moss and a Faux Succulent to the top. You could use a spot of hot glue to hold it in place, but I didn’t. After all, I may just want to open up that can of garbanzo beans. The moss and succulent will be easy to remove. ☺️

Self-Distancing Crafting With SharSum Paint – Day 10

March 26, 2020

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This is For the Birds

Today is all about birds. Bird houses, bird feeders, bird identification. We can’t enjoy many outside things right now, but we can still enjoy the birds.

  • * Bluebird Houses – The Missouri State Bird
  • * How to Attract Bluebirds
  • * 20 Plus Bird House Plans

    * Hummingbird House

    * How to Attract Hummingbirds

    * Easy and Cool Birdhouse Ideas

    * Pinecone Bird Feeder

    * How to Make Homemade Bird Feeders

    * Identify a Bird Seen in Missouri by Color

    * Bird Guide

    Self-Distancing Crafting With SharSum Paint – Day 9

    March 25, 2020

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    Music That Soothes

    No crafting today. Just sharing some beautiful music I’ve been seeing come across my FB feed lately. Although some brings tears, I somehow find it comforting to hear. If you have a link to a song you’d like me to add, just add it to the comments below. Thanks.

    * In the Garden From Brad Paisely, Facebook Live

    * The Impossible Dream – Jim Nabors as Gomer Pyle USMC

    * An arrangement of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue – The Williamson family

    * The Prayer – A Daddy Daughter Duet

    * Songs of Comfort For Anxious Soul (free playlist)

    Self-Distancing Crafting With SharSum Paint – Day 8

    March 24, 2020

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    Bird Nesting Material

    There are several sites listed below discussing what materials should be offered to birds and what should not. Natural items are always best. Why not, on your daily walks, gather up some natural items. Things like small twigs, dry grasses, and moss are just a few examples.

    And what to put them in? My favorite holder idea is using a rusty spring. For those of you who know us, you are well aware of Danny’s love of rusty spring projects. If local, hit him up for one. ☺️ So the first link explains how to use a spring to create a holder.

    * Bird Nesting Material in a Rusty Spring

    The rest of the links are more ideas about nesting materials and a link to Amazon showing a list of materials you can purchase.

    * Provide Nest Material for Birds: Dos and Don’ts

    * How to Offer Nesting Materials for Birds

    * Amazon Nesting Material to Purchase Ignore the first couple links. They seem to be ads sponsoring the search.

    Self-Distancing Crafting with SharSum Paint – Day 7

    March 23, 2020

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    Today is back to some quick and easy crafting ideas. Let’s get outside for a bit.

    Maybe you have been getting out and doing some social distancing walks in the fresh air. Why not pick up a few interesting rocks, take them home and paint them, then drop them off on your next walk so others can find them.

    It doesn’t matter what they look like. Just the fact that someone unexpectedly finds a painted rock will make them happy.

    But….if you need some ideas, here you go!

    * Five Tips for a Rock Painting Beginner

    * Rock Painting Guide – this site has ideas for the beginner or those with advance skills.


    Make a butterfly feeder for your garden. This site shows 12 different projects for creating butterfly feeders.

    * Make a butterfly feeder for your garden


    Bird Feeders are always fun!

    * Make a bird feeder from a plastic bottle

    Self-Distancing Crafting With SharSum Paint -Day 6

    March 22, 2020

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    Today’s post is all about staying connected. A technology whiz friend of mind found a way to connect her whole family digitally and with 6 ft social distancing for a baby gender reveal of her 12th grandchild. It’s a boy! She will now have 6 of each. 🙂

    The following article (by Priya Parker) has some excellent suggestions for staying connected.

    During this unpredictable and painful time, let’s invent creative, meaningful ways of being together apart.

    From baby showers, kids’ birthday parties, choirs, or just staying connected, you should find something here that might spark a way you can stay connected with your family and friends.

    How to Be Together Apart In the Time of CoronaVirus

    Self-Distancing Crafting With SharSum Paint – Day 4

    March 20, 2020

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    Life Hacks

    Today isn’t really crafting related (although there is some DIY crafting) but many of these ideas can help make your life easier. More may be added as I find new ideas I like, but these should keep you busy for awhile as you are social distancing. Stay healthy! We will get through this together!

    * DIY Coffee Filter Hydrangeas

    This one is a craft. I’ve actually made one of these. It was fun to do, and really does look like a hydrangea.

    * Fold fitted sheets in a brilliant way

    You’ve probably seen this one before and tried it, but didn’t have time to practice with it. Now, you have plenty of time, so try again. 🙂

    * Command Cord Bundlers

    Power cords hanging around all over your kitchen cabinets? These bundlers will help solve that problem. Can you think of other uses for them?

    * Uncommon Ways to use common things

    This is a Pinterest link. Ignore they spelled uncommon wrong 😳, and just watch the video. Visiting the site does not show these ideas. You can get a lot of good ideas just from the video. My favorite one is melting a candle over crushed ice. My aunts did a version of this with me when I was growing up. Pretty cool.

    * Fold laundry 5x faster

    You’ve seen the t-shirt folders in stores and ones you can buy. This is one you make from cardboard and duct tape. Just watch and learn from the video. No need to visit the site. Let me know if this one works. I will tell my laundryman. 🙂 P.S. When the video is over, you can click on the link at the top to see more of her ideas.

    Self-Distancing Crafting with SharSum Paint – Day 3

    March 19, 2020

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    How About Some Wine Cork Projects?

    You may have been saving wine corks but had no idea what to do with them. If you don’t have any corks and want to make some of these projects, save this post and when you are able to order from Amazon again, you can buy them in bulk there.

    I’ve collected several sites for some great ideas. Hope you find some you’d like to try.

    One project, a wine cork planter (tutorial linked below) was one I thought would be fun to try. I cheated, though, and didn’t use dirt and real plants. I used what I had on hand so used dried Spanish Moss from Dollar Tree and parts of a faux plant. Local viewers….check out the winery cork I used. 🙂

    * DIY Wine Cork Planters – This idea is shared by none other than Bob Villa from This Old House.

    * Wine Cork Phone Stand – A You Tube video shows step by step directions for making this neat little phone stand.

    * Wine Cork Coasters – A quick and easy project designed to protect your furniture.

    And last, but not least….

    * 12 Life Hacks with Wine Corks – Who better to know what to do with wine corks than The Missouri Wine Board! They sure live up to our state’s “Show Me” slogan. 🙂 There is a lot of other good info there, too.