Pottery Barn Inspired Metallic Gold Cloche and Pot

I decided I would go shopping in my basement this morning. I found some treasures, so I created a little cloche covering a pot of flowers.

1) I had a shade from a fan light. The beveled glass in it is beautiful. I left it metallic gold because I’ve been seeing metallic gold trending lately.

2) I also had this little white tea light holder so I gave it a little metallic gold paint here and there (just like Pottery Barn would) and added a few faux flowers.

3) I had a plastic lid that fit perfectly on the shade, but it was white, so I painted it a metallic gold to match.

4) The lid needed a knob to lift the cloche, so I found the perfect knob in my collection that coordinated with the flowers. I super glued it to the lid then super glued the lid to the shade.

And there you have it…my Pottery Barn inspired cloche and pot. Place the cloche over the pot of flowers, or if you don’t want to display flowers, just remove them and add a battery operated tea light or votive. I wouldn’t use a real candle since this is enclosed and the lid is a plastic.

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