Drop Cloth Cover for Flower Pots

I used a left over piece of Redesign with Prima transfer this morning on a little “bag” vase I made with painters drop cloth. (6” w x 8” h with the faux lambs ear plant added)

I hot glued the sides and bottom of the drop cloth to make the bag and turned it inside out. I took out strings along the top for the fringe. And stuffed any extra fabric inside the jar. I added a jam jar I had and a sprig of lamb’s ear from Walmart.

I then added a bit of stuffing along the sides and back (a trick I learned from a video) to make it look more like a slouchy bag. I didn’t add any under the transfer side as I wanted the transfer to stand out.

I decided not to seal the transfer as I burnished it into the cloth really well and it won’t be handled much.

The possibilities for these bags are endless!

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