Self-Distancing Crafting with SharSum Paint – Day 7

March 23, 2020

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Today is back to some quick and easy crafting ideas. Let’s get outside for a bit.

Maybe you have been getting out and doing some social distancing walks in the fresh air. Why not pick up a few interesting rocks, take them home and paint them, then drop them off on your next walk so others can find them.

It doesn’t matter what they look like. Just the fact that someone unexpectedly finds a painted rock will make them happy.

But….if you need some ideas, here you go!

* Five Tips for a Rock Painting Beginner

* Rock Painting Guide – this site has ideas for the beginner or those with advance skills.


Make a butterfly feeder for your garden. This site shows 12 different projects for creating butterfly feeders.

* Make a butterfly feeder for your garden


Bird Feeders are always fun!

* Make a bird feeder from a plastic bottle