Self-Distancing Crafting with SharSum Paint – Day 1

March 17, 2020

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Teaching was my career. I loved sharing knowledge. One of the things I love most about our small chalk-style painting business is learning new techniques for using our paint (Missouri Limestone Paint Company) and sharing them in classes, on Facebook, and on my blog. We still paint furniture and have quite a large inventory to go through, but we realize we are getting older and it is more difficult to move around large pieces of furniture. So, we’ve been transitioning to smaller items. This winter I have also been crafting quite a bit and have been thoroughly enjoying it.

We are in a crisis right now that none of us have ever experienced before with the Corona Virus (COVID-19). The last several days I have seen many posts come across Facebook with ideas, websites, apps, etc. that will help children continue learning at home as their schools shut down for the time being. I have shared them myself as I have four young grandchildren that will be home with their parents. I feel very fortunate my kids and their wives can all work from home. My heart hurts for those not as fortunate and with daycare closing their doors also. I have also seen some amazing acts of kindness from businesses and members of my community and others reaching out with very creative ways to help one another.

We must learn the lessons of other countries and follow CDCs guidelines by trying to stay home as much as possible to help break the chain of infection or at least slow it down.

So, to help combat cabin fever, I thought it might be fun to share some easy and fun crafting ideas. I belong to several crafting groups and stalk Pinterest all the time. I see many projects that can easily be created with items from Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Walmart. For now, at least, we can still get out to go to those stores. Just be sure to use hand sanitizer (if you can get it) before or after.

I will be making a blog post (hopefully on a daily basis or at least frequently) for simple projects. I will be posting supplies, tutorials, photos, etc. so you can make them, too.

Here is the project for Day 1. I literally can’t remember where I saw this idea. It was either on Pinterest or in one of my crafting groups, though. I also just realized that my first one falls on my dad’s birthday. He always got a kick out of his birthday being on St. Patrick’s Day. I spent a lot of time learning from him as he refinished furniture and we made gifts for family at Christmas. Happy Heavenly Birthday, Dad! 💚❤️

I hope you will make a pillow cover and post a photo of yours in the Comments.

Make a 5 Minute or Less Pillow Cover

Supplies Needed:

* A pair of scissors

* A throw pillow. You will probably already have one you aren’t using or would like to cover

* A canvas tote bag from Dollar Tree. These are hanging up with other tote bags in the aisle where you find socks. There are about 4 different images on the bags, but I don’t remember what they are. I think one might be similar to the image below, but I chose the cute little hedgehog one. Walmart also carries plain bags in their craft department.

* You also might want to have some balloons, sharpies, and Play Doh (or make your own) on hand for tomorrow. Day 2 project can be with or for kids or something all of us adults can use right now, too.

This literally takes minutes to do and so easy! You could iron the tote, but I didn’t.

* Pull each handle up to the center so it is even and cut in half.

* Stuff the pillow into the bag and make sure you get it into the corners at the bottom. Then take a front and back handle and tie a bow. Do the same with the other.

That’s it! Enjoy your new pillow! I’m hoping my granddaughter, Lucy, will like this one. She really likes hedgehogs. And just think! It was only $1.00!

Are you more talented than I am? I think Walmart has plain canvas tote bags. You could paint something on one of those or maybe stencil it. The possibilities are endless!

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