Self-Distancing Crafting With SharSum Paint – Day 8

March 24, 2020

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Bird Nesting Material

There are several sites listed below discussing what materials should be offered to birds and what should not. Natural items are always best. Why not, on your daily walks, gather up some natural items. Things like small twigs, dry grasses, and moss are just a few examples.

And what to put them in? My favorite holder idea is using a rusty spring. For those of you who know us, you are well aware of Danny’s love of rusty spring projects. If local, hit him up for one. ☺️ So the first link explains how to use a spring to create a holder.

* Bird Nesting Material in a Rusty Spring

The rest of the links are more ideas about nesting materials and a link to Amazon showing a list of materials you can purchase.

* Provide Nest Material for Birds: Dos and Don’ts

* How to Offer Nesting Materials for Birds

* Amazon Nesting Material to Purchase Ignore the first couple links. They seem to be ads sponsoring the search.