A Rustic Wire Lampshade/Cloche

You learn something new every day. I bought two of these wire rustic forms at Goodwill. One for me and one for my friend.

They were called lampshades. But Danny and I couldn’t figure out how they could possibly work.

They appeared to be new and they had about 6 of them. I was wishing I would have bought more because we figured we could cut the wires out of the bottom and make cloches. One had a bigger hole and I was able to wedge a candle wreath holder and candle through it. 😬

Danny just now went to cut the wires and called me to come take a look. He tugged hard and pulled on the bottom out and Folks….we have a lampshade. 😂😂 I wonder if the original owners wondered what kind of lampshades they had gotten and sent them off to goodwill. They were hard to pull out.

Anyway, he did cut the bottom wires off on one because it fits perfectly on a charger plate and will look beautiful decorated French Country style for my friend’s dining room table.

The other we are leaving for now because I’d like to try it on my pendant light in my kitchen. I think the top hole is too small for it, though. Maybe Danny can figure it out. If not, I will spread it flat for a different kind of cloche.