Fall Garland for My Mantel

I’m working on putting my living room back together after a neighbor that’s moving gifted me with a lot of crafting supplies …. but first things first ….I needed a fall garland for my mantel. 🤪

I’ve added pics below of each step I did in making my fall garland.

The light green garland I bought at Hobby Lobby last year. I made off white pom poms and yarn hearts for it and it stays up all the time. Then I add to it each season.

Today I used a length of the thicker jute rope from Dollar Tree and made loops at each end to hang on the end hooks.

I made a tassel gnome (tutorial I used: https://justthatperfectpiece.com/easy-gnome-christmas-ornament-diy/ )and decorated his hat with paper covered wire from Amazon, curling the ends.

I added burlap leaves from Dollar Tree. They have a long wire on the back that loops over the rope. Just squeeze it to keep the leaf in place.

I wired little sprigs of greenery I had with the paper wire to the rope and curled the ends.

The little pumpkins were wired to the rope by wrapping the stem tightly. The little cream berries came in a package from Dollar Tree. I folded the wire on them over the rope like I did with the leaves.

I then hung my fall garland over the light green one. Love the neutral look this year.

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