Two Early Morning Projects: A Door Hanger and a Paper Feather Plaque

It’s been awhile since I’ve had an early morning project, but today I have two.

I often do early morning projects. If you don’t see them here, you should see them on my Instagram account.

Project 1: Front Door Hanger

I saw a neat idea for making a door hanger using a canvas tote. I didn’t have a canvas one, but I do have an awesome cotton one I bought as a souvenir of Amsterdam when we visited on our Viking Riverboat cruise several years ago. It was just hanging in the basement. Why not use it and be reminded of an awesome time every time I walk in the door. You could use just a plain one, too, or maybe stencil a design on one.

I used white plastic grocery bags to stuff the bag.

I tied a knot in the back handle close to the top of the bag and wrapped it through the hole it created several times until I had a short hanger. Then I tied a looser knot in the front handle and wrapped it through the hole until both loops were the same. I took a pic after the fact, do hopefully, the pic will help you understand my description.

I then decided I might as well start thinking of fall and so used greenery and fall sunflower colors inside. The orange sunflowers really brought out the orange in the bike.

Project #2: Paper Feather Wall Plaque:

I printed feather shapes with a French script (from The Graphics Fairy – on black and white printer paper. I cut this one out and used a watered down antique wax on it. I just dabbed the wax on here and there with a sponge. Once dry, I cut fringe slices around.

Interesting note: Once I applied the antiquing wax to the black ink jet text, it turned green. I really like that look, although I didn’t plan it. Lol

I had a white shiny 4×4 tile. I first sprayed it with Mid Podge sealer to help the paint adhere well. I sprayed it with black hammered spray paint. When dry, I applied antiquing wax, let it set awhile, then buffed it. This kept it from being so black and gave a bit of a brown look to it.

I then gave the feather a few light folds and super glued it to the tile, giving it a 3D look.

I finished it off by tying a bit of twine in a knot and then superglued it to the base of the feather. Will add a hanger to the back.

Now to come up with more ideas for paper feathers. I’d love to see projects others have done. Just add photos to the comments here if you have!

Closeup of how the black ink jet script turned green after applying wax.

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