Crocheted Pumpkins

I have been obsessed crocheting pumpkins this fall. Best of all, I have had some success selling them and getting custom orders. I also have given some as gifts. My eight year old granddaughter texted me on her family text app and ordered (using the word please) one for her teacher and her brother’s. Lol. That means I will need to make one for their cousin’s teacher, too. 😏

My yarn of choice is chenille blanket yarn. It is so soft and produces a beautiful pumpkin. I have also used Bernat brand and recently made a large one with Mainstays chunky (love that and the color!) using a Q hook. I also have used standard size yarn and doubled it.

I have used a variety of items to create stems: drawer knobs, twigs, and sisal rope. I then use fall decor here and there to finish them.

But, the secret to these pumpkins is the pattern I purchased from an Etsy Shop – Simply Made by Erin This pattern was well written. I soon had it memorized. Thank you so much Erin, for such a great pattern!

Here are some photos of the pumpkins I’ve made.

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