Removable Decoupage Drawer Liners

Did you ever have one of those Aha! moments when you see a video tutorial and think…..I wonder if that would work on……

I had one of those moments today.

Sometimes I like to line the drawers of the furniture I paint as a little extra touch. I just think it is nice for the buyer of my furniture to pull out a drawer and see a pretty coordinated lining on the bottom.

However, I don’t like to decoupage right on the drawers as the new owner may want to remove the liners. So I have tried several different ways with different mediums and materials. Some were time consuming and some messy.

But today – I found a pretty cool process in the following video. The idea is to decoupage a napkin onto card stock to make cards and other projects. And…..the medium? Cheap plastic wrap! The kind you have in your kitchen. The lady in the video even tried it on a wrap around canvas and it worked.

So…..I thought….why not use decoupaged card stock to line my drawers?

Here’s the inspiration video and following that, photos of my drawer liner for a piece of furniture I am painting now. It only has one small drawer about 10 1/2″ square.

Paper Napkin Transfer Tutorial: from Purple Cottage Crafts

I thought I would practice. First I tried the foam board I usually use. This is the kind that has a paper covering. ğŸ‘Ž Nope. It kind of bubbled. I think too much heat for the foam.

I didn’t have any card stock but I did have a heavy duty piece of paper that was originally a stock print in a frame I bought so I used the back of it.

I first put down a thin board to protect my work surface. Then I laid down a piece of parchment paper and on top of that, my practice paper – cut a little larger than I needed. I put the plastic wrap on top of the paper and smoothed it out. Then I laid down my napkin (right side up) and put the second sheet of parchment paper over the napkin. With my iron on a medium setting, I ironed about 2 minutes. Sure enough. That plastic wrap melted and bonded the napkin to the paper!! 👍 Who knew!!! I lifted and checked every once in awhile and several times ironed more, but it worked! So smooth! Looks and feels almost like a piece of linen!

My practice piece is no longer practice. I cut it to size and it is now the perfect removable liner for my drawer.

For a larger drawer I will try poster board. I will practice and see if that works. I think it should. I will try tissue paper, too. That would be even quicker than arranging napkins for a larger drawer.

Hmm…I wonder…would it work on a painted book?

You learn something new every day when you take the time to look!

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