A Vintage Cast Iron Lion’s Head Bench – Made Better Than New

Danny has had an obsession with refurbishing garden benches. I think he has restored 6 and has 2 others (so far) in his queue.

This is the state the latest one was in before he added his restorative touch.

As you can see the boards on this one were in pretty rough shape, so he bought new 2 3/4″ thick treated pine boards. He wanted thick boards to make a very sturdy bench. The sides were in great shape and had the lion head detail he really likes.

He took the bench completely apart then used the boards as a pattern to cut new ones, sanding all the edges smooth.

This bench had a metal brace down the center of the back and under the seat. He used it as a pattern to make 2 more for the next two benches he will make as they were only the cast iron sides.

He then attached the new boards to the sides with new carriage bolts.

It was time to torch it. 😳 He actually saw this burnt wood technique done on a Flea Market Flip episode. He used a propane torch, held it close to the wood and “watched it toast like a marshmallow,” as he described the process. Lol. This technique gives the piece a beautiful rustic look and really brings out the grain in the wood.

Here’s a video I found on YouTube showing the burnt wood technique:


He could now prep then spray paint the sides and the brace black (covering the boards to protect them from overspray) and reattach the brace.

To really bring out the detail of the lion heads, he painted them a metallic silver.

This beautiful bench is very heavy and sturdy. It took both of us to lift it up into the wheelbarrow to move it. It is too heavy to carry far.

This vintage bench is better than new now and should provide some person lucky enough to buy it another lifetime of memories.

Yes, this beauty is for sale – $150.00! Correction. This beauty sold the day after he finished it.

Photos of some of the other benches he has refurbished:

This is the first bench he refurbished and sold.

This 2nd one was almost exactly like the first.

He painted this for one son’s birthday. Created a solid back on this one.

This one just needed painting. Staged with cutie patootie grandson. Bench belongs to his mom and dad.

This one needs more stenciling. His Alma Mater.

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