A new “Junk” store to check out!

Sandy Marchetto dropped by today to deliver my essential oil order (Peace and Calming and Cedarwood).  Of course, I had to open them and they both smell great!  I can’t wait to diffuse these.  Tonight I will try one or a combination or blend with others. It will be a great night to diffuse after working all day on my bathroom re-do. I can’t wait to relax with the diffuser going and watching Episode 3 of Catastrophe, an Amazon Prime series daughter-in-law Daphney recommended.  Very funny!

Sandy mentioned her cousin had a facebook page (look up Junkin Treasures by Jen) and has opened a store in Union, Missouri.  I looked at her facebook page and saw a beautiful buffet just like I was searching for when I was looking for one for my bathroom vanity project.  The price is $125 so if anyone is in the Union area and looking for a buffet, you might want to check this out! Click on my bathroom vanity project to see how I’m transforming an old buffet into a new vanity for my bathroom.

I’ll be stopping by Jen’s store for sure the next time I’m in the area.

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