Faux Concrete Owls

I love turning birds and other animals into stone statues. I sometimes feel like the Queen of Narnia when I do, 😂but they are just too cool!

Photo image from Disney.fandom.com

Like this pair of ceramic owls… I forgot a before photo, but they were your average brown owls. They now have been immortalized in faux concrete. 🙂

I mixed a little baking soda with a dark gray chalk paint and gave them two coats. I dried them in between with a hair dryer. I’m impatient. Then, I gave them a coat of white wax (I love Briwax liming wax), rubbing it on with a paper towel and then rubbing it off. The detail on these owls really shows through.

I just had to take them outside for a photo op in front of the changing leaves and under my lampshade/cloche I recently thrifted but with a brisk 41° fall morning, it didn’t take me long. It was cold out there!

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