Decluttering is a Process.

This post will be ongoing for awhile, so keep checking back. I’ve worked so hard already (about 30 minutes), I’m going to have to take about a week off and go on vacation. Literally. Lol

Decluttering for a crafter – it’s a process. Part of the process is organizing the clutter you are keeping.

For instance – many would see this broken vintage exerciser ?? as something to throw away. A crafter buys it, along with some neat wooden salad bowls, specifically at an estate sale to upcycle someday. However, they were just hidden away in a Walmart bag in a box.

So, I cut it apart and saved the goodies. Just look at those beads! They will make great legs for tiered trays or maybe even wooden bowls!

Not sure what the little sticks or handles will end up being. Open to ideas. 🤪

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