Depression Era Vanity Gets A Makeover

I just have to show the final results first. Some pieces just shouldn’t be painted. This small depression era vanity is one of them. She only stands about 22″ tall, but isn’t she beautiful now she’s had some tender loving care? She is still soaking up her “antique improver solution” but I couldn’t wait to share her gorgeousness. I will share a staged photo of her when she is completely finished and ready to show off.

We stop often at St. Mary’s Antique Mall in St. Mary’s, Missouri when we visit our kids in Cape Girardeau. I have seen the display for a Missouri made antique improver product several times and often thought about getting some to try and finally did. I am so glad I did.

I used it tonight on this Cinderella vanity. The top did need a quick sand and stain but the rest really just needed a good drink!

Meet Kramer’s Antique Improver, made the old fashioned way in Sugar Creek, Missouri. They advertise all natural ingredients – two of which are ingredients my dad used when refinishing furniture back when I was growing up….Linseed oil and Turpentine.

The next photo shows where I applied it on the left panel. Pretty amazing.

Next is a full size view. I also applied on the left side of the drawer to show the difference.

A few more photos show some close ups after applying on all but the top. Waiting on the stain to dry before applying it to the top to protect the newly stained top.

The following photo shows the back of the piece, which has me perplexed. It is open and has a shelf. Is it secret storage? I need to do more research on that feature.

Stay tuned for the staged photos coming soon. Once this beauty is dressed in her finery, she will be for sale.

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