Stencil a Button? Why not?

Today my worlds collided into an explosion of citrus goodness. I crochet, too, and needed some buttons to go with this scarf in a project I have going for our local mission (along with my awesome cousin Rodney Strothcamp who purchased the yarn for this project).

What to do? Why stencil wooden buttons, of course, using Missouri Limestone Paint Company’s “Pumpkin Patch”. It was a perfect match. I didn’t even realize until after I cut out a pattern on my Silhouette machine and painted them that they looked exactly like an orange slice.

I have provided a free Silhouette Studio 3 file and an SVG pattern.

Sure makes you think of a bright and sunny day during these cold days of winter, doesn’t it?

I loved this scarf pattern using the chenille blanket yarn that is so soft and warm. I love how it looks almost knitted in the design. I will be making more of these and painting more buttons for sure!

Scarf pattern is free on YouTube!

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