Paint tip – keep chalk-type paint and brush from thickening when working on a project

When working with chalk-based paint, it will tend to thicken the longer it is exposed to air. I like to pour the amount I think I’m going to use in a small container. This is helpful for two reasons:  it keeps from you from contaminating the jar of paint with your brush and if you drop it you don’t have to clean up as big a mess. Just sayin’. 

So, as you are waiting for one coat to dry before applying another, you need to make sure to cover your brush and paint. It doesn’t take but 15 or 20 minutes for a coat to dry so you don’t want to bother with putting everything away. This tip comes from a participant in one of our classes. I liked it so  much I’m passing it on. 

Just wet a paper towel (not dripping wet) and lay it over the brush and container. The wet towel will surround them with moist air, thus keeping the paint from thickening. 


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