Some quick Friday projects

I’ve been playing with painting projects today using my chalk-based Missouri Limestone Paint. I tried out a distressing technique I hadn’t tried yet called dry brushing. I like how the “French Roast” color breaks up the flatness of the “Rural America”.  The candlestick was an old Home Interiors piece with a white glass center and a design painted on it. I got it for $.50 at a resale shop. I got the shelf at a resale shop, too. I’m loving doing the “junking” that comes along with painting. I love the candlestick with my Thanksgiving display. I also made a dry erase board by painting the back side of a picture frame. I used “January” for the glass and “Farmhouse Green” for the frame.  Who knew you could do this? This lady did. And the sharpie really did come off with hand sanitizer. Makes you wonder what’s in that stuff, doesn’t it? Here’s my inspiration for the dry erase board.

Click on each image for a larger view.

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