Paint a Patio Chair Cushion with Chalk-type Paint? Yes, Please!

I was with a friend at dinner the other night and she was mentioning how faded and blah her patio chair cushions were.  She wondered if she could paint them with Missouri Limestone Chalk-type paint.  I said, “Sure you can!”  But then we both wondered if you would need to seal them and if so, what you should use.  I told her I’d check it all out and let her know.  I’m so glad I did, and you will be, too.


First, I did some research and here are my findings:

Painting Tips:

  1.  Give your cushions a good cleaning before you begin. My practice cushion, sad to say, had some of that green gunk on it.  I took a Mr. Clean sponge and wiped that stuff off and was good to go.
  2. The best tip I read when getting started: Before painting, take a spritzer bottle of water to dampen the cushion.  The paint goes on better and gets into the fabric better when the cushion is slightly damp.  I didn’t need to do that.  I just went outside and found an old cushion that had been left out and it had rained some earlier.  Perfect dampness!  Sometimes it pays to be lazy!
  3. Some people took their cushion covers off (if able to remove) and used cardboard between the covers so paint wouldn’t bleed through.  My thought on this:  If your cushions were so bad you were thinking of throwing them out before you decided to paint them, then just leave those covers on.  Who cares if the pillow underneath gets paint on it?  Save yourself some time and energy.
  4. I noticed when I painted my striped cushion, you were able to see the faint stripe underneath.  I also needed to spread it out a little while painting to get into the nooks and crannies. I also noticed my brush bristles went right up to the cording on the sides.  On this pillow, the cording seemed to be a plastic type material and looked ok, so I just left it like it was.  I painted a second coat in one area, but still saw the faint stripe.  So, my conclusion on that was:  That stripe was kind of cool.  It gave the pillow a look I liked.  Why waste paint and time and cover it all up.  Patterns are good under a coat of paint.  In fact, they are very, very good.
  5. I saw some people added stencil designs to their pillows and some used painters tape and painted their own stripes in coordinating colors.

Finishing Tips:

  1. You don’t want to wax….my friend’s cushions are on a screened-in porch, but it does get hot out there.  We wouldn’t want to sit on those cushions on a hot summer day and have wax come off on our clothes….so no waxing outside….on any project.  The sun and the heat will cure your chalk-type paint projects.
  2. Some suggested sealing with a poly of some kind, some did not.  I would guess it would all depend how much they are left out in the elements.
  3. My finishing tip?  Don’t bother.  I’ll explain why below.

What a difference a little chalk-type paint makes, right?  It literally took me just seconds to paint the area I painted as the paint covered so well.  But then came the question of sealing.

I let the cushion dry for several hours and then tried an experiment.  I put a poly sealer on half of the cushion and let the other half stay as it was. My thought was the poly would not only give it more protection, it would make the cushion easy to wipe off.

After the poly dried well, I took a wet cloth and scrubbed it really hard.  No paint came off on the rag, and it was easy to scrub, so I thought that was very nice.  Then, I took a wet rag and scrubbed the area that just had paint. I scrubbed and scrubbed.  Guess what?  No paint came off that area, either.  It was easy to scrub and actually, except for the slight sheen of the poly area, you really couldn’t tell any difference.

Bottom line…..don’t bother sealing.  Bring your cushions in to protect them like you did when they were new (as you can tell from the beginning of this post – I tend to leave mine out in the elements at times) and your newly painted cushions should last the summer, at least.  I personally believe the heat of the summer will make the paint cure even more and they will last a good long while.  If they don’t, just paint them again next year.

I’m so glad I did my research and experiments.  I, too, have a set of patio chair cushions that I’m going to paint……now my biggest problem is choosing a color!


SharSum Paint’s Guest Program at Sullivan’s January Rotary Meeting

Karen Largent invited SharSum Paint to present at today’s January Rotary meeting to introduce our new company and the paint we are selling, explain chalk-based paint and share ideas for painting with it.  We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope everyone left with a little more knowledge of chalk-based paint and maybe left thinking of projects they could paint.  You can view our Google presentation here.


metalflowerpotWe explained how you could paint and distress a metal flower pot and pointed out the right half of the pot is waxed and has a slight sheen to it.  The other half shows the chalk-like matte finish without wax. Passing this piece around the group gave them a hands-on look at the finish once waxed and they could see how the wax deepens the color and enhances texture.


We also discussed repurposing thrift store finds.  We created a hanging photo holder (Capture Memories in Time) and brought this piece to show.




A Re-purposed Table Decoration

I’ve been on a painting frenzy lately it seems.  Today, when I put a Christmas tablecloth on my dining room table, I decided it needed a Christmas table decoration. I had painted a pint size Kerr jar with “Farmhouse Green” earlier.  As I was rooting around in a box of Christmas decorations, I came across a small glass plate and a small votive candle holder.  I’m pretty sure both of these items came from the dollar store at one point.  What do you know, the votive holder fit right into the top of the Kerr jar.  I tied a burlap ribbon around the neck, and “Voila!”  My re-purposed table decoration was complete. I lit the candle tonight and it looks so pretty!  I LOVE being able to just go to my basement and pick and choose from my stash of paint jars and make new things from old – quick and easy.  Danny thinks I’m my own best customer.  LOL  It is just as much fun as having a stash of yarn.  : )




November Class Projects

The projects below are from November’s Make & Take It class.  They are now in place in the participants’ homes.  Very nice.  I will add more as I get them.  See photos from the class.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Paint display at Gift Emporium & CAFE’, Sullivan, MO.  A variety of colors are available there for purchase.


SharSum Paint’s First Make & Take It Class was Fun!

SharSum Paint conducted their first class, November 2015, in a friend’s awesome shop area at her home.  Nine “students” were there and had a great time learning more about chalk-based painting and actually painting a project they brought. They had so much fun, they are ready to attend another in January.  In January, we will explore more with waxing and distressing techniques.

We will also be conducting classes at Gift Emporium in Sullivan.   We will plan on starting these classes around noon, so be sure to bring not only a project to paint, but an appetite, too.  Class sizes are limited to no more than 6-8.  Please check the Painting Classes link on our website menu for the next class.

Are you interested in hosting a painting class party in an area of your home with you and your friends?  In winter, do you have a heated garage or a basement just crying out for a paint party?  We can paint just about anywhere so you can be the judge on the best place and the number of friends (no more than 10).  Contact SharSum Paint (  for more details.

The biggest lesson to learn when first painting with chalk-based paint is paint in thin coats.  This will help your paint dry quicker and make a nice smooth chalk like finish.  The projects for our first class didn’t have time to dry enough for waxing, but as soon as they have waxed their projects and sent pictures of them, I will post their finished projects here.  For the next class, we will have hair dryers available for speeding up the drying process.  And remember, apply chalk-based paint in thin coats. This process is different than trying to cover an area in one coat.  You may need several coats, but the end result will be beautiful.

In the meantime, enjoy seeing this first group’s re-purposed objects come to life in the beautiful colors offered by Missouri Limestone Paint.



Do You Need a Project to Paint?

Do you need a project to paint? Gift Emporium & CAFE’ has unfinished decorative birdhouses for sale. I just painted and waxed one in the color “Trading Post” and it painted beautifully in just one coat. This one is going to Gift Emporium & CAFE’ as part of the paint display, but if you would want to buy it already painted, I’m sure Michelle would sell it to you. : )


Gift Emporium in Sullivan is Carrying our paint now!

Gift Emporium & CAFE’  – 228 South Highway 185 – Sullivan, MO  63080

is now carrying SharSum Paint’s chalk-based paint from Missouri Limestone Paint Company. Be sure to stop by Gift Emporium to see the beautiful display of paint Michelle created (right by the font door) and purchase a jar or two or three. : )


We guarantee you will love it! Missouri Limestone Paint strives to keep prices reasonable and we want others to enjoy painting with chalk-based paint at a price we all can afford, so a 6 oz. jar is only $5.99 and a pint jar is just $15.99. The color chart is available there and we can order even more awesome colors. Just let Michelle know what other colors you’d like to see. BriWax and a paint starter kit are also available for purchase. Be sure to enter our contest on our SharSum Paint facebook page, if you haven’t yet, to win a 6 oz. jar of paint. You must Like our page and tell us whose pic is on the profile. : ) You also must be able to pick up your prize if you win. Contest ends when we have 200 Likes. Thanks!

If you would take our Interest Survey (see the menu on our website) and let us know the color choices you’d like to see, we can make sure we stock popular colors.

We will be scheduling some Make and Take classes soon, so watch our Facebook page and our website at for upcoming classes.

Be sure to click on the link on the upper right of this page to follow our blog to keep updated on what is happening next with SharSum Paint.  We hope to make the paint available in several counties surrounding Sullivan soon.  In the meantime, check out Gift Emporium and CAFE’ and our paint display there!

Kerr Canning Jar Vase

givethanks_fallOne more project tonight.  I was on a roll today finding projects to paint and re-purposing things from around my house. This one only cost me $.99 and that was for the fall font.

Silhouette fall font – purchased from Silhouette store for $.99.  Re-designed the letters on my Silhouette Portrait machine and printed on brown contact paper.  Yes.  I have one of those, too.  I make a lot of projects with my Silhouette machine.  I love that thing!

Ribbon – from a stash I kept when making bows for my grand daughter, which she basically never wore.  She hasn’t ever liked bows.  But I saved the left overs.  Remember, I’m a teacher.  We don’t discard.

Chalkboard – you will recognize it from the project I made earlier today.  Just erased one message and added a new one.

Pumpkin with air plant – bought that from a Vintage Market earlier this month.  The other side is a jack-o-lantern!

Flowers – Stole those out of an ancient arrangement I had.  I may need to re-arrange that one a little to disguise the holes I left.

Kerr Canning Jar – bought for Young Living Sugar Scrub.  Yes, I like  essential oils, too! I gave this jar two coats of off white chalk-based paint I had left over from other projects.  It was a little thick, so just added a bit of water and it was fine.  Then I sanded the jar a bit with 220 sandpaper and added the fall letters. I tied a ribbon around it, stuck in the flowers, made a vignette with my chalkboard, pumpkin and jar— and there you have it!  A beautiful fall arrangement. Don’t you agree?

Chalkboard from a Cabinet Door

I was looking for ideas for class projects using chalk-based paint that is so popular.  I had to look no further than Pinterest and my basement. Pinterest sparked the idea that I could paint a cabinet door.  I happened to have 6 of them in my basement.  Don’t ask. I’m a former classroom teacher.  I save things.  You never know when you will need them.  And, see….I needed a cabinet door. The upside down copper drawer pull was a left over from our kitchen remodel.  I didn’t miscount.  I realized later the way two drawers were installed, drawer pulls on either one wouldn’t allow the other drawer to open. Hmmm.  Twenty-nine years in this house when we did the makeover last year and I never noticed this before.  But, then, I never had drawer pulls on my kitchen drawers before.  Click here for a peek at our kitchen makeover.

I will say that a chalkboard idea might be better using chalkboard paint rather than chalk-based paint, but I didn’t have that so I thought I’d give my Missouri Limestone Paint a try.  It worked just fine, thank you!  And, with grandkids, I just happened to have a fat piece of chalk.

So, with no expense, and using left over Missouri Limestone Paint in the colors of “Homemade Ice Cream” and “Something Blue”, missourilimestonepaint_chalkboardI have a nifty little chalkboard sign for a kitchen or entryway or wherever you’d like to put it, and to show my “students” when I teach my classes.

Chalk-based paint is definitely not just for furniture.  See my Chalk Paint Project Pinterest Board for more class project ideas I’ve been collecting.  Of course, I added this great idea – can’t lose it! I can’t wait to make some more example pieces!

Class Project Ideas

I have been gathering chalk-based paint project ideas on Pinterest that I think would be fun things to do in our classes.  Check these out!  Start gathering items now to paint in class.