A Redefined, One of a Kind Broyhill Jewelry Box


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I love redefining jewelry boxes. With this one, she was already in good shape, a well made box by Broyhill, but she was just kind of a Plain Jane, a solid black box. All she needed was a new dress (decoupaged scrapbook paper in coordinating black and white print) and she was ready to spin around the dance floor!

What? Yes, this awesome jewelry box is on a spinning platform. You may see her doors with a beautiful large black and white pattern and the details and drawers in a coordinating small print. Give her a spin and the other side has no drawers but both doors and detail are all the smaller print. You are actually getting two looks in one jewelry box. How unique is that?

The sides and top remained black to help the black and white paper pop! The inside is gray.

Dimensions: approximately 14” High 7 1/2” Wide and 5” Deep

See the comments below to watch this box s

What a great way to keep your jewelry organized or maybe you will find it to be the perfect gift!

Pickup in Sullivan, MO only.

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